I had the pleasure of meeting Fun Spot’s Director of Marketing, Mark Brisson at Fun Spot’s International Drive location. I must confess I had never visited one of the Fun Spots, but I have to tell you, they have a go-cart track that amazed me. Mark told me that the track that soared overhead around the park was in the top twelve go-cart tracks nationally. I certainly could not argue with that. Though I have ridden go-carts for many years, it was a track like none I had seen before.

I was surprised to hear that Fun Spot did more local business than tourist business. Do yourself a favor and visit the International Drive location if you are a go-cart track enthusiast. You have to hit Fun Spot International Drive location to experience two fantastic tracks beyond the one I described earlier; they have a fast track too.

The nice thing about this park is there is no fee to get in and you can amuse the kids while parents and grandparents sit on the sidelines cameras in hand. The park offers different options; you can purchase rides a la cart or buy a reasonably priced arm band. Season passes are also available. If you’re a ride fan there is also bumper cars in water (guaranteed to get wet), there is a ferris wheel that amazes with a light show at night. Have kids that are video game fanatics?  They have a huge video arcade costing a nominal fee to play all day.

Discover a hidden gem on the heart of the eastern side of International Drive by Prime Outlets, or their sister park in Kissimmee near Old Town. Fun Spot is a great way to have a few hours of fun that’s inexpensive and can provide memories of a life-time.

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