If your Orlando attraction planning consists of thrills and excitement it still might be lacking the ultimate thrill, a “Ghost Tour.” Yes, that is correct. With Central Florida being known to inhabit entities and the paranormal, several paranormal investigators discovered occupations to serve their skills and training.

“Ghost hunting” is what the majority of paranormal investigators live for. Now, “Ghost Tours” have become a part of their services offered through the businesses. Although a “Ghost Tour,” or “Ghost Walk” is different than actual “Ghost Hunting,” the fear of the unknown, and sometimes encountering the unknown, is still an effect after the adventure is over.

For people interested in the paranormal, and what lies beyond this life, finding an Orlando attraction that is known to provide guests with the ultimate experience is a must. There are many paranormal investigation companies in the Orlando area who specialize in providing tourists with a memorable “Ghost Tour” adventure. See our tour directory.

Historic photo of Church Street in downtown Orlando

A popular Orlando attraction which offers “Ghost Tours” is “American Ghost Adventures.” The tour starts on Church Street; the business is also located here. Most of the buildings on this street have claims of being haunted. The Church Street Station, which is the former Courthouse, includes three late 1800 era buildings and the Orange County Regional History Center.

The paranormal guides take visitors on a two-hour walking tour of “haunted” buildings while focusing on the phenomena each one possesses. This Orlando attraction takes “seekers” through the downtown area; focusing on the paranormal investigation aspect. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Wear comfortable shoes. While the walk is not a fast-paced one, you will be standing or walking most of this tour.

The first half of the tour consumes of walking to the different buildings. When available, tours of the inside of some buildings can become extremely fascinating. The history and stories associated with the buildings are given at each site while providing tourists an education in parapsychology, the study of investigating evidence of the paranormal; such as, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.).

During the second half of the tour guests are taken inside a building, said to be haunted, and are able to conduct a paranormal investigation themselves. This “Ghost Touring” Orlando attraction encourages visitors to bring cameras to take photos of the buildings, inside and out. Encouragement to use their own equipment, small voice recorders to record possible EVP’s, voices of the ghosts, and cameras or phones to capture pictures of entities or orbs, small white lights caused by ghosts.

Exploring Orlando attractions in this way lets visitors separate facts from fiction of stories told surrounding the buildings. Anything that is experienced during the “Ghost Tour” is not of deliberation. Actors are not hired to scare people. Any noted “sightings” or “sounds” of visitors are said to be legitimate.

There are many other Orlando attractions available to provide people with “Ghost Tours” in the Orlando area. Naming this stated company is random based upon research. People seeking this adventure are encouraged to research all the different companies in the area that offer this service. Reviews are given online to help you decide.

Use this review as a guide for deciding if a “Ghost Tour” is for you.