You’ll find many new attractions being planned for the Orlando theme parks in 2014. Throughout the year, however, you may find some of your favorite attractions or shows being temporarily unavailable or permanently closed. Orlando’s theme park are ever-changing, and this is to be expected. After all, it is why so many people return over and over again. New Year = New Attractions. Just be sure to do your research before purchasing theme park tickets, so you can avoid any let downs or unpleasant surprises.

Beginning this week, through April, the killer whale show “One Ocean”  at SeaWorld will not be available. The Orlando theme park is replacing it with another show, called “Shamu Up Close.” This new show will take its place while the whale stadium is undergoing maintenance. We think you’ll be thrilled with the new and very different (than One Ocean) show.

The killer whale show is one of SeaWorld’s premier attractions. Where else can you stand 6 feet from the edge of a pool while a killer whale swims and leaps? The new show allows guests to do just that! The show is being described as more educational than the “One Ocean” show. Presentations occur every hour, but guests can watch the animals at any time during the day. “People can sit there and watch how we manage and how we work with our animals all day long,” said Mike Boos, vice president of zoological operations. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: This is a perfect opportunity for guests to get up-close photos of themselves standing near a killer whale!

Shamu and guest

Work on Shamu Stadium is already taking place. The pool’s floor is being repainted. New acrylic panels which separate the guests from the pool will be installed. All of these renovations are routine and should be complete sometime in April.

Although it will be missed, guests will benefit from the educational portion of this new presentation. While it is not as structured as “One Ocean,” this new show makes up for it with interesting interaction between Orca and trainer. If you remember the “Believe” show which debuted in 2006, this new show will remind you of it. Pay attention, and you just might learn a few things about killer whales!

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP NOTE: This new show will be held where “Dine With Shamu” takes place, so the SeaWorld Orlando dinner show will also be postponed until April.