Developers have just announced plans for a new amusement park, Orlando Thrill Park.  The plan is in the very early stages and will be weeks before a proposal reaches the city commissioners, but Orlando Mayor Budd Dyer said the plan sounds exciting, stating “We’re always excited for new opportunities, especially since we’ve had some challenging economic times. Anything that’s out there that can bring jobs, we’re happy about.”

The park would be built on 77.7 acres near the north end of International Drive, owned by I-Drive Investors LLC.  The Baker Leisure Group, which specializes in building theme parks, is assisting with this project.  The park may feature as many as 15 rides, including several roller coasters.  The proposal mentions ‘extreme’ roller coasters, with interlocking loops and vertical “top-hat” drops.  The tallest ride will need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, due to the height, 425 feet tall! These types of extreme rides are very popular with ride enthusiasts and the shear height alone will attract a lot of attention to this new amusement park.

Developers acknowledged the park could lead to an increase in light pollution and traffic, and will conduct a noise study in this area, which is bordered on the north by Festival Bay Mall and on the south by a residential neighborhood, Tangelo Park.  On the other hand, a new park would generate much-needed jobs in the area. Jobs for when the park is eventually opened, as well as many jobs during the construction phase.  If this park is approved, it could pose a challenge to other amusement parks in the area, such as Fun Spot and Magical Midway.  They may need to “rise up” to the occasion to sustain their business. Keep checking our website for additional information as plans progress.