The Orlando/Kissimmee  area has so many attraction choices that it’s difficult deciding what attractions to visit.

Generally speaking purchasing major attraction tickets on the Disney, Sea World, Universal and Lego land sites are the best way to go. When it comes to the smaller attractions you can save by purchasing your tickets from online ticket resellers because they drive the majority of the smaller attractions traffic. There is one exception Capone’s Dinner & Show cuts out the middleman and discounts direct to their guests.

If a ticket deal seems too good to be true you may be buying illegal tickets. Many resellers buy left over days on multi-park tickets and then resell them to you at a low price. This practice is not legal and many a ticket reseller have been arrested for doing it. Nine times out of ten people using these fraudulent tickets won’t get caught. If you’re in the 10% caught you’re now wasting vacation time. The attraction will want a statement filled out about where you bought the ticket. Did you know that you bought illegal tickets? If you say no they will point out where it says the ticket is non-transferable. Another way you can be scammed is resellers selling employee tickets that are again not transferable. The majority of ticket resellers are on the up and up but I advise researching the reseller especially when buying online. Ticket resellers can save you money on the smaller attractions because they get bulk pricing and undercut the price of the smaller attractions. The big attraction tickets are typically about the same price if they are legitimate tickets unless they can sell you on a time share tour then you can save quite a bit of money. The advantage of booking tickets through resellers is you won’t have to wait in long lines at the big attractions.

If you have a question about any ticket-reseller, please feel free to contact us.

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