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Capone’s Dinner & Show

It’s the era of mobsters, dames, Al Capone, Buggs Moran, prohibition, and speakeasies. This fun-filled show takes you on a trip back in time to a raucous and wild time in American history. But don’t be concerned this show is family friendly and fun for all ages.
Dinner at Capone’s is served as a 4-course meal with a large selection of both Italian and American favorites. If you pick the show to attend by the quality and freshness of the food then Capone’s is for you!
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Visit them on the web WWW.ALCAPONES.COM

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Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater

Wrestling with class and character located in Winter Haven, Florida. This dinner show provides professional wrestling entertainment, a 3-course dinner, and a meet & greet after the show. Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater brings a traditional dinner show adventure up to the next level.

Manor Pro Wrestling Dinner Theater

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Daring Knights jousting on sleek horses are the main attraction in Medieval Times! The “theatre” is actually a huge arena. Different areas of the arena are assigned knights to cheer for while wearing their crown color corresponding to the knight you are supposed to cheer for and at the end, one section will win!
Dinner is served in multiple courses starting with soup, chicken, ribs, potato, and dessert served by medieval characters.
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Visit them on the web WWW.MEDIEVALTIMES.COM

Outta Control Dinner Show

Orlando’s only magic dinner show! High-energy standup comedy combined with astounding feats of magic and audience participation is sure to tickle your funny bone.  A ninety-minute experience this dinner show combines magic, comedy, and audience interaction.
Dinner is pizza, popcorn, salad, and dessert.
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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Set sail on a pirate ship for swashbuckling fun on the high seas! Princess Anna has been taken hostage and this group of dangerous pirates is on a mission to rob, pillage, and plunder. Musical productions and astounding acrobatic feats make for a night of fun! Port of call feast is included; meal upgrades and VIP experience are available at an extra cost.
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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

A basic who-done-it murder mystery dinner show featuring multiple shows and three theatres providing an audience interactive show that includes much off-the-cuff humor. Clues are delivered and guests compete to identify the killer and win prizes.
A variety of menu options are available and Sleuths also offers a variety of meal plans including meal upgrades.
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Visit them on the web WWW.SLEUTHS.COM

Treasure Tavern Dinner Show – This Orlando dinner show has been suspended for an indefinite time!

The Treasure Tavern Dinner Show was voted by Orlando Sentinel readers as the Best Live Show back in 2011. Adults will enjoy this European-style dinner show as it takes them back to the period of pirates, scurvy, and treasure. Children are not allowed into the show because of the elements of burlesque, cirque, and adult comedy used by the performers. While listening to fascinating stories of hidden treasures, you will be able to enjoy a tasty dinner of mashed potatoes, beef tenderloin, asparagus and rum. The Treasure Tavern dinner show will surely keep you smiling and laughing all night long.
Visit them on the web WWW.TREASURETAVERN.COM

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

If you are visiting Orlando with your kids, then you must take them to the Hoop Dee Doo dinner show. The show is a comedy, Western, and Country style musical that is full of singing, thigh-slapping, singing, and fun. Your whole family can enjoy the all-you-can-eat mashed potatoes, smoked barbecue pork ribs, southern-style fried chicken, fresh vegetables, and corn on the cob. The Hoop Dee Doo dinner show takes place at the Pioneer Theater in Fort Wilderness Resort inside the Disney property.
Visit them on the web WWW.DISNEYWORLD.COM

Sea World Makahiki Luau – This Orlando dinner show has been discontinued!

Dine with Shamu – SeaWorld – Replaces Luau Show – This Orlando dinner show has been discontinued!

Dine while being entertained by giant killer whales. This dinner show is not a choreographed number, but is a lot like a training program. Guests are often included in the show as the whales check them out (and their dinner). Dinner is a buffet – cost is in addition to the park ticket.
Visit them on the web WWW.SEAWORLD.COM

Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction: This Orlando dinner show has been discontinued!

The storyline at this long-established show is one of Arabian Princes and Princesses along with their Royal entourage. The show is done in an arena setting because of the many exquisite horses that join in this lavish production.
Dinner menu options vary but are all served to you by damsels and warriors. They offer upgraded meal selections in addition to the base menu.
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Visit them on the web WWW.ARABIAN-NIGHTS.COM