Getting Around Orlando

Orlando is a bustling place brimming with attractions and getting around the area can be much easier with a little knowledge. There are many options available including car hire, buses, taxis and even rickshaw rides and Harley Davidson rentals! The accepted idea is if you wish to visit attractions that are outside Walt Disney World you will need to use other forms of transport, but if your vacation is based on the Disney Complex, you can take advantage of its own transport provision: an extensive and free transport service connecting its resorts and parks, with unlimited use for guests. The service runs throughout the day and often into the night and comprises ferry, monorail, water taxi and bus.

Many hotels outside the park offer their guests a complementary or paid shuttle service to Walt Disney World and other attractions, so check with hotels before making a booking. Whether you are staying at the park or at an external hotel, always ask reception staff for the quickest route to your destination to ensure you spend minimal time traveling and more time having fun!

Attractions outside the Disney complex include International Drive (known in the area as I-Drive), Universal and Sea World. There are several bus companies servicing this area including the I-Ride Trolley that travels around the I-Drive resort area. The buses run every 20 minutes between the shopping outlets at the north end of I-Drive and Sea World at the south end. LYNX buses are operated by the city and cover a wider area around I-Drive including all the major attractions. These buses are inexpensive to use but do not extend to some villa complexes where tourists often stay.

If you like the idea of cruising down I-Drive on a Harley Davidson there are several retailers offering motorcycle rental. It`s necessary to show a credit card, valid motorcycle license and be at least 21 years old to hire a bike. Car rental is also a popular way to get around Orlando and most major rental companies are based within the airport for your convenience. If your itinerary includes visits to different attractions, boutique areas and late-night shows, a car will prove invaluable and can work out less costly and more convenient than taxi and bus rides. Be prepared to stop at frequent toll booths during your travels by having plenty of spare change ready and remember that rush hour traffic happens 7 days a week in this busy area.

Novel ways of getting around downtown Orlando include rickshaw rides and horse-drawn carriages. You can hail a rickshaw just like a taxi in the street and the rides are often free, although it is customary to tip the driver as a sign of gratitude. Horse-drawn carriages are an enjoyable way to experience traveling downtown, whether it`s a romantic trip for 2 or a fun family outing.

Whichever way you choose to get around Orlando, one great tip is to keep an up-to-date map with you to help with navigation. There are so many ways to enjoy the attractions in this area it all becomes part of the fun! With lots of holiday deals available, you can be sure to find something to suit your interests and budget for a fantastic vacation in the Sunshine State. See you soon!