Dinner Shows/Theaters Overview

An Overview on What to Expect for the Cost

The popularity and number of Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (theatres) has dramatically dropped from years past. There are numerous reasons for the drop in the popularity of this brand of entertainment. Due to cost factors all shows in this category cut corners in differing areas to deliver arguably the best value for your entertainment dollar.

The cost of good seats for a Broadway caliber show run over $100.00 a ticket, that’s just for your ticket to the show. Theatre-going is not a cheap habit, because in addition to that, you most likely will go to dinner before or after the show. Typically, theatres are located in tourism areas where everything is overpriced or a chain restaurant. Unless you plan ahead and check out Zagat reviews you may end up with an overpriced meal or a bad experience. Throw in a couple cocktails and you end up spending $150.00 or more. If you enjoy the show you may want to go have a couple more cocktails. What sells the Broadway experience is the quality of the production. Most Dinner Shows and dinner theaters (theatres) will not have orchestras or live music. That’s a huge savings to the producers. Paying one time for the cost of your nightly music saves arguably the single largest chunk of cash in ongoing production costs for your typical Dinner Show; this leaves the costs of food, drink and the on-stage talent to sing, dance, provide comedy and drama.

Show costs and food costs are the largest cost areas and the main reasons for the drop in the popularity of Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (Theatres). In my opinion there is no Dinner Show or Dinner theater (theatre) that can rival Broadway shows in spectacle if that’s the biggest reason you want to go to a show. That being said, there are many FABULOUS shows in the Dinner Show and theater (theatre) realm and they have a different kind of appeal, then say, Phantom of the Opera. The divergence and numerous choices of Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (Theatres) in Orlando definitely rivals the number of shows on Broadway. Orlando actually has more Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (Theatres) then those of the high end production type of shows. I think the great value of these concepts and the high quality of most of the Dinner Show operations in Orlando is the main reason Dinner Shows remain strong and abundant in the Orlando area.

The food quality is a huge problem at most Dinner Shows. Two reasons contribute to the problems with food quality at most Dinner Shows and Dinner Theatres (Theatres); the first and biggest reason is the large number of meals that have to be delivered very quickly during the show. To enable this Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (Theatres) have to have your food ready to go. So they have to cook and hold your meals. Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters (theatres) that offer buffet service typically have the highest quality food. Because they skip the plating of your meal the food is much fresher and fresher is always better. Picking the right items on the buffet also helps quality because some items hold much better than others.

My advice is to shop around and see what appeals to you both in the content of the show and the meal provided. Do not rely on a ticket reseller’s advice. Typically they want to sell the ticket that makes them the most profit. One thing I do not recommend is buying any kind of dining upgrade. You almost always will still leave disappointed in the food and have spent more on it. I hate making blanket statements, because there are always exceptions to the rules and Orlando does have some gems that do offer a good dining and show experience.

In Orlando you will find that all the Dinner Shows and Theaters (Theatres) offer some beverages included with your ticket. Ask what’s included – some offer soda, coffee and iced tea. Others offer alcoholic beverages in the ticket cost. Most offer a low end draft and wine selections, although one Dinner Show in Orlando includes Bud Light Draft, Al’s original rum runners, vodka & cranberry, rum & cola plus merlot, chardonnay and white zinfandel wines.

So get shopping and discover one of Orlando’s many Dinner Shows….happy hunting!

For your convenience, we have provided a Dinner Show Listing to help you choose which dinner show(s) to see during your visit in the Orlando area.