Staying Here

Orlando having the second largest number of hotel rooms is only part of the story on places where you can stay while in the Orlando area. The Walt Disney World Resort alone offers a plethura of lodging options from one star to five star traditional hotels and motels. In addition to that Disney also has a large number of timeshare units, which you can rent as well as buy into their vacation club.

Osceola County (South Orlando/Kissimmee) has the most options not only can you choose from one to five star hotels and motels but you also have a huge number of vacation home rentals which are ideal for families. You can rent homes with up to 5 bedrooms and private pools. You can also save yourself some money with a kitchen of your own. Vacation home rentals are also a great option for couples and families traveling together.

The International Drive Resort area also has the one to five star hotel and motel options but rooms are costlier and there is not the vacation home rental option like in Orlando/South Kissimmee. It’s a great location to stay however if you are planning on visiting  Universal Orlando or Sea World parks because it’s so very close.

So much depends upon what you plan to do while visiting Orlando in choosing lodging options but I will say staying on Disney property is the least convienent if you plan on doing anything besides the Disney parks. Orlando South/Kissimmee is a great choice for economy and location if you plan on visiting more than one operators theme parks.

The first question you have to ask yourself is what theme parks do I want to visit. The thing is to keep your costs down you are probably better off picking one group of theme parks per visit. The big tourism players in Orlando offer EXCELLENT bang for your buck if you purchase multi-day tickets. You can save a lot by employing this methology to the equation.

Walt Disney World offers by far the most choices on their multi-park deal but the cost will be the highest. One thing to note the very best ticket deals Disney offers are only valid for a limited amount of time. To save money if you go this route, stay on US 192 Kissimmee. Trust me the savings on dining alone will be significant versus staying on property. Pick a hotel/motel that offers free shuttle service to the Walt Disney World Resort and save the fifteen dollar a day parking costs. The Kissimmee 192 resort area offers a vast number of lodging choices including the Gaylord Palms on the high end. Pick your lodging in Kissimmee by location beacause between S.R. 535 and I-4 amost any motel you pick in Kissimmee Hwy. 192 will be within walking distance to restaurants, shopping and much more. One more tip try and pick a hotel/motel with airport service.

Orlando Tourist Tips will be more than happy to help you make your choices for a fun, affordable trip. Contact us or check out our Vacation Home Rental Company Directory.