Many tourists are fascinated with seeing alligators in Florida. They can be seen in the wild if you know where to go (and have a little luck). Go on an airboat ride offered outside Orlando or Kissimmee and chances are you’ll be able to spot a few alligators. Some commuters even see them while driving over the bridges and overpasses near retention ponds, swimming in Lake Jessup and sunning on the banks of surrounding bodies of water. However, if you want to be guaranteed to see a live alligator while visiting Florida, the best place has always been Gator Land. However, now there is a new spot in Orlando to see gators on International Drive!

Gator Land and Fun Spot America have teamed up and have created a new attraction called Gator Spot. The new attraction opened in March of 2015. It showcases alligators up to 12 feet in length, and the new attraction also is home to some birds and other unique animals. The 15,000 square-foot reptile oasis allows guests to see a wide array of alligators, an extremely rare “white” alligator, numerous crocodiles and more.

Gator Spot coming to Orlando

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: This is a great place to have an up-close encounter with an alligator AND a perfect photo opportunity to share with your friends. However, if your goal is to see wild alligators (without paying for rides you will not go on), be sure to spend a day at Gator Land. They offer up-close encounters and a whole lot more. If seeing alligators on your Florida vacation is a priority, don’t miss out! While the airboat rides are great, you are not guaranteed to see any gators, nor will you be able to have your photo taken with one.

Admission to the new Orlando attraction at Fun Spot America costs $6 per person. Already known as a 1-day attraction, this new addition at Fun Spot offers another reason to spend a day at this smaller, lesser-known Orlando theme park. Even if you only have a half day, this is a great place for families with teens and younger children to get out and play for awhile.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you are choosing a place to stay during your Orlando vacation, keep in mind that Gator Land also partners with Gaylord Palms Resort. Resident guests at this Orlando resort include 15 juvenile alligators and 30 native species of turtles. They are part of the “Best of Florida” exhibit.

Alligator at Gatorland Orlando