Although the recent temperatures are a little lower than normal for us Floridians, visitors are still finding our Sunshine State a great place to vacation and be outdoors. The lines and crowds at water parks shorten which make a great opportunity to visit them. If you can brave the cooler air, join Aquatica’s dolphins, turtles, brightly colored fish and other exotic animals for a day of fun. They are sure to give you a warm welcome.

From serene rides to extreme rides, there is something for every water-lover at this park. Since opening in March of 2008 the dolphin plunge has become a top pick, but many visitors during the summer months refuse to stand in line for such a long time to experience it. With shorter lines, this tube slide ride will have the dolphins racing along side any willing guest.

There are two wave pools (Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores), a floating ride (Loggerhead Lane), a kid zone (Kata’s Kookaburra Cove), a rapids ride, a beach area, lots of animals to see and many, many water slides of all types. You’ll have plenty to do (since you’re not wasting time standing in line). However, they do have shorter hours during this time of the year – generally 10am to 5pm – so get there early.

Ihu Breakaway FallsThe newest attraction at Aquatica is Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. This ride is not for the faint at heart. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Be sure to view the height requirement prior to standing in line. If tall enough, your children are sure to remember this slide for a long while!

Brave those goosebumps and test out the warm waters! They pools are heated. Aquatica is a perfect way to spend a Florida Winter day. It is also a great way to cool off during the summer when it gets here.