Race week, speed week and bike week may all be over for 2010, but there is still a lot of fun going on in Daytona. The world-famous beach is still a clear and ‘hot’ place to be. Lather on plenty of sunscreen and enjoy! And, when you want to cool off in some air-conditioning, check out Daytona USA, also known as the Daytona 500 Experience, the “Official attraction of NASCAR.” Here, you can experience what its like to be in the Daytona 500 race in the Dream Laps motion simulator. This motion simulator ride will bring up to 32 people for the ride of their lives, feeling like they are actually in the famous 500 race.

Or, maybe you’d like to see what goes under the hood of these super cars at the DuPont Technology of Speed? Here, you can see the inner workings of one of Hendrick Motorsports’ SPRINT Cup DuPont Chevrolet Monte Carlos. Watch as the 3,400-lb. racing machine expands to reveal everything that puts these cars at the top of their game – roll cage, chassis, and engine.

You can also test your skills as a pit crew member in the Chevy 16-second pit crew challenge – strap on some gloves,  grab an air gun, and try to beat the clock in this fast-paced test of skill. See if you can beat the time of their pit crew in this lightning fast stop for gas and tires! Don’t be surprised if your husband is quicker at this than the time it takes to do one of his chores at home! It’s a lot of fun for the race enthusiast.

There are many more attractions here, including a speedway tour, Coca-Cola IMAX 3-D theatre, Acceleration Alley, and the exciting Richard Petty Driving Experience. For those thrill-seekers who have always wanted to race around Daytona International Speedway in a 600 horsepower race car, this is for you! There are several ‘experiences’ offered, whether you want to be a passenger, or be in the drivers seat at this legendary racetrack.

Note: The Daytona track has been re-opened after being re-paved, but you also have the option of the Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway so you can experience YOUR life in the fast lane at either Central Florida location!

Daytona USA is approximately 60 miles from the Orlando area.