Capone's Dinner & Show is a great dinner show attraction in Orlando

There is something about being entertained and fed at the same time that strikes a fancy for many of us today, maybe that is why there is always a long line at the concession stands at the movie theater. Then there is the need to have the television on while having dinner at home, or maybe it is our desire to become the proverbial couch potato, where the only interest is to veg out and watch TV.

1-Something to sink your teeth into. The popularity of dinner show attractions has only increased over the years, with many located on and around the touristy areas. Can you really focus on a mystery and that prime rib dinner in front of you at the same time? Mystery dinner theaters are betting that you can, which is probably why the ones that are still open for business will continue to prosper into the next century.

2-Dining with the mob. If you are from the old school and you enjoy hanging out with gangsters, there is certainly going to be something for you. I guess you could rent a DVD and hang out with Scarface, Carlito or the American Gangster, but what better way to enjoy an Italian/American buffet than with Capone himself? You won’t want to miss Capone’s Dinner & Show if you are visiting the Orlando area. Don’t forget to dress like a gangster, especially if you want to feel like you belong.

3-Fantasy Land. What dinner guest in his/her right mind, would turn down a chance to sit ringside and watch a love story being played out? A scrumptious choice of either chicken, pork or pot roast, coupled with all the beer or wine you can drink and there is a good chance that you won’t ever want to go home. Now if only someone could work that dinner attraction in your living room, life would be perfect.

4-A Different kind of meal. It is clear that dinner show attractions are taking on many forms all over the world, all with the intention of grabbing the interest of their guests. If you haven’t checked out the box office theatre news as yet, then how about some comedy and magic rolled up into one dinner show, where the adults get to quench their thirst with potent refreshments and kids get to stuff their faces with pizza and popcorn?

5-Entice your imagination. Then there are the pirates, you know the ones that have the patch on their eye and the parrot on their shoulder? This could probably be one of your most exciting dinners yet, assuming you can focus on protecting the beef tenderloins from thieving pirates. It is all meant to be fun and a good time for all, so if you like action while you eat, then a dinner show attraction may be just the thing for you!

If you have a favorite dinner show or reason you love dinner show attractions, please feel free to leave a comment!