As part of Walt Disney World’s 2011 “Let the Memories Begin” promotional campaign, Disney has begun the nightly photo-projection display on the Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.

Using high-power projection systems and digital mapping techniques and utilizing a crack team of artists, animators, and computer whizzes the castle will be transformed through animation, photography and technical ingenuity.   Using guests’ photographs and videos as a starting point, and a wonderful musical score, Let The Memories Begin will be a fanciful, imaginative, heart-warming and FUN look at the magical memories associated with a visit to this Orlando attraction in Disney Parks.

The effects color the castle like a kindergartener’s crayon picture, crumble the castle’s walls in a pixelated dissolve and shoot fireworks streaming across the castle, which then continue as real pyrotechnics blast off in the sky behind the castle.  I have no idea how they did this, only that this is a spectacular addition to an already awesome fireworks show.  Let the Memories Begin!!

Here’s a video clip, from Disney:

Disney video clip