If you are a resident here in the Sunshine State, Walt Disney World Resorts is offering a special Wild 4 Disney pass! You can get admission to all 4 Disney parks for 4 days for only $119 + tax (1 day per park). That’s about $30 a day!

Of course, this is a limited time offer because the tickets expire May 26, 2011. And there is a blackout week from April 17-24 as well. But, it’s still a good deal, and you have plenty of time to use your 4 days between now and May. You can also add options to your pass, including the Park Hopper Option and Water Park option. They are an additional cost, but may be worth it, especially once the weather warms up and those water parks start looking very inviting.
(See Disney’s website for additional details, proof of residency required.)