Finding and buying Disney merchandise has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of Disney’s new shopping app. The app, offered in the online Apple store and Google Play, allows guests to purchase gifts, accessories, collectibles, clothing, and more, without visiting the parks. It allows users to apply filters to narrow down search results, with everything from soda flavors to paintings available.

While most items can be shipped straight to the purchaser’s home (saving precious luggage space for anyone who travels to Orlando by plane), Disney’s new shopping app also has a feature that allows users to find exactly where their desired piece of merchandise can be bought, sparing guests from spending their vacation time going from shop to shop in search of items that stores may not be carrying.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP:  Shop Disney Parks app includes an online map you can use to locate specific products in theme parks and resorts. Search for an item you or your child dearly want, and the map will show you exactly where it is! Don’t want to carry a shopping bag around all day? Scan the item’s barcode in the nearest shop, purchase the item through the app and have it sent directly to your home. Soon the app will make it possible to deliver the product to the front of the theme park you are visiting or to your Disney resort hotel.

I like shopping around—How can Disney’s new shopping app help me?

Disney's new shopping appThe Shop Disney Parks app can help users save a lot of time when it comes to interacting with the ever-changing theme-park industry. The Orlando theme park circuit has been revamping their rides and attractions with incredible frequency— especially within the Disney domain. Though these reboots are necessary to making future guest experiences worthwhile, they may cause guests to rethink visiting certain park locations, which can effect everything from shopping excursions to dining plans.

Second guessing where you want to spend your precious time and money is perfectly reasonable. Construction increases traffic to the rides and attractions that remain open; Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been in the spotlight lately for their coming park improvements, with plans for Toy Story Land, a Star Wars themed area, and a Pandora landscape based on the award winning 2009 movie, Avatar, making recent news. Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) is also under construction, making the shopping hub more of a headache than a haven when it comes to maneuvering and finding souvenirs easily.

While these Disney updates will surely have people clamoring for tickets in the future, Hollywood Studios likely isn’t topping anyone’s lists of hot Orlando attractions right now, and Disney Springs isn’t currently the easy-access shopping center we’re used to.  Disney’s new shopping app comes to the rescue!

Deciding to cross Disney Springs off the list to avoid the construction-induced chaos, or choosing to save a trip to Epcot for another year is no big deal when you can purchase Disney merchandise straight off of your phone or tablet with only a few easy clicks. And, construction problems aside, this app can still be a lifesaver. Perhaps the stuffed animal your little one has been begging for since Christmas is out of stock everywhere but Epcot, or the t-shirt you were hoping to buy only comes in your size at Animal Kingdom. Disney’s new shopping app offers an alternative to making time for a trip to Disney Springs or settling for something your heart isn’t set on.

As time and money become increasingly valuable, an app that offers people a way to save both can be incredibly helpful. Disney’s new shopping app does just that. Happy shopping!