written by guest, Karla Hudak
Karla spends most of her time traveling to Australia. When she is not planning a trip, she likes to write.

If you are planning a trip to Orlando in Central Florida, you are not alone. Over 50 million visitors a year come to Metro Orlando each year. That’s a million visitors a week! If you put it into perspective, an equivalent of the number of fans at two Super Bowls come to this vacation destination every single day of the year!

Why is Central Florida such a popular travel location? People mostly visit to enjoy the major theme parks like Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and EPCOT Center. In addition, travelers alike enjoy LEGOLAND and SeaWorld, along with the countless beautiful beaches that line the east coast and are within driving range.

Central Florida is a safe place for visitors, in general. However, if you are making a road trip to Orlando for amusement parks, here are five tips to help keep you and your family even safer.

Safety on the Roads

Orlando highways are driven by people from all over the country. This means you have aggressive, conservative and, most likely, impatient local drivers who are all trying to get to the fun on time. Remember to check your mirrors and follow the rules of the road to a safe arrival at your Orlando travel destination. Having a GPS or Maps App plotted out for that EPCOT trip on your phone is also necessary when traveling by automobile.

Also, keep in mind, Florida is famous for its heavy summer downpours. Although usually short lived, these downpours can be virtually blinding on area roadways and can quickly create a slick road.

Understand the Risk of Identity Theft in Crowded, Festive Places

With so many visitors, Orlando understands the importance of tourism and does its best to protect visitors. What it can’t do is protect you from identity theft if you don’t have proper coverage. Be aware that linking to an unsecured network has its risks and your cell or smart phone contains more information about you and your finances than you would like to admit. You may want to consider identity theft protection from a variety of services like LifeLock.

Minimize On-hand Cash/Debit/Credit Cards in the Amusement Park

Pay as much of your anticipated costs as you can in advance, including amusement park tickets and hotel accommodations. Buy several pre-paid debit/credit cards and keep them in separate locations. You do not want to have your larger limit debit or credit cards at risk, so think ahead.

Keep an Overnighter

An overnighter is a small suitcase that has enough clothes and necessities to tide you over for at least a night. Whether your car becomes disabled or you encounter any unexpected circumstances that separate you from your main luggage, the overnighter will come in handy. For a family, this bag should include a change of clothes and personal products for each passenger, along with a pre-paid credit card that can get you through a few days.

Be Prepared and Use Common Sense

Although the city of Orlando has plenty of fun activities and theme parks, it’s not all Fantasy-land. It is a major city. Be smart, prepared and keep your fuel tank full. Make sure family members have a way to stay in touch in between roller coaster rides. Don’t keep all your valuables, including cash and debit/credit cards, together and be aware of your circumstances. Avoid handing your debit or credit card to a person—as opposed to swiping it yourself.

Your amusement park trip to the Orlando/Central Florida area is likely to be one you’ll remember forever. The city knows how to make it’s visitors happy. Being prepared and using common sense is necessary for a successful and fulfilling family vacation.  Now have fun on those rides!

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