Halloween is right around the corner. The Fall and Halloween decorations are out and being picked through while employees make room for the Christmas decorations to take over. Billboards and commercials are enticing theme park guests to take in the spooky offerings of “Hall-O-Scream,” “Halloween Horror Nights,” “Halloween Spooktacular” and “Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party.” But what do you do if you flat out don’t care to get scared?

I have the answer. You go to Capone’s Dinner & Show. Instead of a sinking feeling in your stomach from the result of pure terror, your belly may jiggle from all of the laughter. It’s fun. Not frightful. I think there are a lot of folks out there like me, who’d rather skip the candy handouts and tricks being played upon them and instead, enjoy an evening out enjoying a nice dinner and a show. If you’d like to come in costume, you can. It is not mandatory, but if you do, you just might win a CASH prize. They are having a Halloween Costume Contest on Halloween night!

Prizes are:

  1. 1st place $150.00
  2. 2nd place $100.00
  3. 3rd place $50.00
  4. EVERYONE receives a free etched Capone’s 14 oz. heavy tapper glass (excluding infants) with their paid admission.

At Capone’s Dinner & Show, you can purchase your tickets in advance and receive 50% off. It is the best value of all the Orlando dinner shows. You may have to skip the sweets after you hit the all-you-can-eat dinner buffet; it is filling! Dessert is offered…if you have room for it and your belly can handle it on top of all the laughter. The drinks will keep coming all evening too. The wait staff work very hard to accommodate every guest, even if they do have that ‘made’ attitude. It’s all part of the act, so loosen up and enjoy!

Capone’s is a great alternative to Halloween activities in Orlando. Kids enjoy it too. So turn your porch lights off and come to Capone’s on Halloween night. They’ll have a treat waiting for you and promise not to scare you away!