Among the many great and educational exhibits at the Orlando Science Center is the new “Your Healer Within”. This travelling exhibit explores concepts such as the power to heal ourselves. It features 34 interactive components that focus on how we can take care of our bodies to prevent detrimental environmental factors from affecting our health. Guests are invited to take a virtual reality tour through the immune system, watch how moods impact the human body and affect the nervous system, experience firsthand the body’s remarkable self-repair system at work. Among its features are a skateboard that shows how outside factors can alter balance, and a skin display of issues associated with piercing and tattooing. There’s also a ‘virtual pond’ that creates the spiritual healing of nature by plashing water and chasing fish by hand, without getting wet. “Healer” is here for a limited time only, through May 15th, and is included with general admission.

The Orlando Science Center has spent over 50 years creating fun, interactive, educational activities the whole family can enjoy. The Science Center features four floors of exciting exhibits, along with giant screen movies and live programming. The exhibits include Science On a Sphere, Kids Town, Dr. Dare’s Lab, Nature Works, the new Frogs exhibit, and many more!

Next year, they will showcase a new exhibit “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination”. This will be a 10,000 square-foot collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. It will study the fantasy technologies of the “Star Wars” films and the actual science behind them, along with costumes and props from all six movies. Visitors will be able to enjoy Engineering Design Labs where they can build their own robots and speeders. Coming to Orlando in late 2012. Check our website for updates.