Hitting your ‘funny bone’ really isn’t all that funny. At least in my experience. Why that small nerve on your elbow is even called a funny bone is unknown to me. But what if there really were a funny bone, and it was actually fun to hit? Well, that is what the Improv soon will be. They are moving to a location that more folks can ‘hit,’ and hopefully by doing so, can create a little more laughter for everyone in Orlando.

The Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre has locations all over the United States, and has been the career launching pad for dozens of familiar faces of television and film for 40 years. The new and improved Orlando Improv is moving from the old Church Street location to a bigger and better venue at Pointe Orlando. The downtown ‘nerve’ may sting for a bit, but once Orlando finds the new tickle spot, the Improv should have all of Orlando smiling.

Many of your favorite comedians got their start at the Improv, including David Spade, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carey, Robin Williams, and many more!  Bette Midler even got a big break there when she was working as a waitress at the Improv in New York, and she got the opportunity to sing.  The Improv continues to showcase up-and-coming performers and welcome the biggest names in comedy.  Like the old location, the new Orlando Improv will also continue to support local comedians and host private parties.

The big day for the Orlando Improv re-opening will be Thursday, July 29th at the new location: 9101 International Drive – Suite 2310 – Pointe Orlando, Phone # 407-480-5233.  The hysterical, wacky, Harland Williams will be the headline act for the first shows from Thursday through Sunday.  You may remember him from several films including Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, The Whole Nine Yards, the cult classic Half-Baked, and more.  Check their website for the full calendar of upcoming comics and ‘hit’ your funny bone!

Also noteworthy: The inaugural 2010 Orlando Improv Festival is September 19-21, 2010, which features 40-minute shows for $5 – $7.