Since Disney World consists of four fabulous, heart-pounding theme parks and two relax-in-the-sun water parks, Orlando attraction planning is a must. These parks are large and offer an overwhelming choice of shows and thrill rides. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Scheduling your park times and when to eat should be set up ahead of your visit, so you can be in the correct area when your favorite Disney character makes its appearance. You also do not want to be that family who spends the majority of their vacation by standing around trying to decide where things are and what to do next.

Disney World’s first, and most visited amusement park in the world, is Magic Kingdom. Not only was it based on Disneyland, but the name, Magic Kingdom, was the unofficial nickname of its predecessor. While visiting this worldwide known Orlando attraction, the dedication to its Disney characters is a glorious sight. From the characters that started magical dreams to the newest character in Disney movies, each have their home.

This popular Orlando attraction holds the key to everyone’s imagination. Adult guests will be brought back to their childhood memories; filling them with the make-believe mentality that can be lost in life. Visitors start to feel like they have been transported into a magical place; even before they walk through the entrance. Magic Kingdom is indeed magical.

Magic Kingdom Castle

Photo © Walt Disney World

There are different “lands,” based on assorted themes, that make this Orlando attraction perfect for the whole family. With all that Magic Kingdom is known for, the one recognized around the world is Cinderella’s Castle. Standing 190 feet tall, centered in the middle of the park, and viewable from the famous Main Street, USA, it’s the most sought after place to dine in the park, which is by reservations only. Walking up to the attraction, seeing this magical, iconic symbol will take your breath away.

Through Orlando attraction planning it will be obvious the magic comes from the many other places to visit in the kingdom. The shows, based on favorite Disney movies, are a joy for everyone. Check your park guide to schedule time to see them all.

Magic Kingdoms’ most famous “lands” include: Frontierland, Adventureland and Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the most popular for children. A majority of the beloved characters reside here.

Although Disney World has many magical places, Magic Kingdom is the Orlando attraction that started it all. Many people have not been, thinking they cannot afford it. There are discounts and specials during certain seasons. This magical place should be visited by everyone.