SeaWorld’s unique park, Discovery Cove, is adding a new attraction, The Grand Reef, coming in June 2011.  Discovery Cove is a unique tropical retreat where you can interact with dolphins, snorkel, hand-feed exotic birds, or just relax at the beach.  Attendance is limited to about 1,000 guests so there are no crowds or long lines.

The new addition of the Grand Reef will make your visit even more memorable.  There are multiple levels of exploration, where guests can choose how to enjoy it.  There will be white sandy beaches, hammocks to relax in, underwater grottoes, and snorkeling inspired from reefs around the world.  Grand Reef will be build around a million-gallon aquarium filled with 125 species of fish, as well as sharks and rays.  You can step into the shallow waters and just get your feet wet, or you can snorkel in deep water with thousands of exotic fish and rays.  Farther out into the reef, you can actually swim alongside sharp-toothed reef sharks and venomous lionfish!  But, not to fear, they will be behind safety glass.

You can also experience the new underwater walking tour, SeaVenture. This allows guests with no scuba experience to don a dive helmet and enjoy the underwater world with unique fish and sea life all around.
Note:  This underwater SeaVenture tour will require an additional fee, and is limited to a certain number of guests.