This Spring travelers to Central Florida will be able to experience many new attractions. One of the most exciting new-comers will be Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens in Tampa set to open May 1 (or soon thereafter). It will be one of the first of its kind, and tourists and thrill-seekers will “flock” to this Florida theme park to try it out.

Falcons Fury

Rising 335 feet up in the air, the Falcon’s Fury ride will be North America’s largest drop tower! At the top, you’ll be able to see everything in the theme park, from above. Falcon’s Fury is higher than the SheiKra roller coaster! Once riders get to the top, their seats will pivot 90 degrees so that you’ll be facing downward to the ground. Then you and 31 other passengers will drop vertically traveling downward like a falcon at 60 m.p.h. with a 3.5 G force! A thrill for any ride enthusiast.

If you’ve been to Busch Gardens before, you might remember the portion of the theme park where this new ride will be. Currently, Timbuktu is the surrounding land, however, the entire area is being re-themed into an imaginary land called Pantopia. Falcon’s Fury will be the main attraction in this new land, and will be supported by all new food and shopping venues, as well as a renovated indoor theater. Other existing rides within the land of Pantopia include The Scorpion, the Phoenix and the Grand Caravan Carousel.

Pantopia - new land at Busch Gardens

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Busch will not be using Quick Queue (its front-of-line ticket option) for Falcon’s Fury at first. If riding this new attraction is the main reason for visiting this theme park, skip this additional cost. If visiting later in the Spring or Summer, be sure to see if Busch Gardens begins accepting Quick Queue for this new attraction. Until then, plan your day around this ride as lines are sure to be long, especially when it first opens and on the weekends.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: The new land of Pantopia is a very interesting concept, which is worth reading before visiting this Central Florida theme park. Find out how to unlock Pantopia before you arrive. You’ll have a better understanding of the lay of this new land to help make the most of your theme park visit.