Although many upgrades are already available at Central Florida theme parks, all the major players are looking to add more intimate and exclusive experiences to their line-ups. Disney already offers a “behind the seed” tour of its green houses at EPCOT for $16.00 per person all the way up to a $224.00 per person “behind the magic” day-long tour of the resort. Please note these prices are in addition to the regular ticket prices. Universal offers V.I.P. tours of the parks which can cost as much as $185.00 per person.

Disney is taking it up a notch with a new safari tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom slated to be $189.00 (plus park ticket). This will be an adventure like none before; small groups of no more than 12 people will be guided by 2 Disney tour guides. Some of the many thrills will include a view from a cliff at the hippo pool. Cables are being installed now so guests can get closer to the action and Disney is already training the hippos to look up when people approach by throwing treats over the cliff for the hippos. Much more is included in the Safari package, but wait and see – Disney has more up its sleeve for this pricey adventure.

Sea World Orlando is planning on adding a new reef experience limited to just a thousand people a day at its Discovery Cove. Purchase this experience and you will be given helmets and air hoses then get set to climb down a ladder and into the pool which is up to 12 feet deep. Guests can touch star fish and see sharks from behind a 21 foot window. Sure sounds exciting and Sea World is guessing the 1,000 tickets a day will sell fast.

So if it’s your first time in Orlando or a return visit, be sure and book these limited attendance offerings in advance.  Next summer should be another exciting summer for Orlando after this year’s launch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. Legoland should also be up and operating for the 2011 summer season and they are having a media day Thursday, October 21st so expect more news on Legoland soon!