Disney World guestsAlmost everyone is affected by global economic crisis and your dream Orlando vacation will surely be put on hold because of the lack of funds to spend.  However, life can really be stressful and everyone needs to take a breather to de-stress. Even with a limited budget, you can still make your dream Orlando vacation come true with these money saving tips:

In booking your vacation, doing it ahead of time will always be the best practice to follow. You get better prices on Orlando vacation packages when you book at least four to six months in advance. Best prices are guaranteed when you do this with many travel services.

In terms of accommodations, large families should stay in vacation homes or a suite hotel. It is way cheaper than renting two rooms, and you will also have enough space for everyone. Most vacation homes, and many suites, include a kitchen in which some of your meals can be prepared, saving you money.

If you definitely want to stay in a hotel, it is a wise move to consider looking for the extras, especially when booking a hotel. Some examples include free shuttle service to Disney World and the airport, free breakfast, free meals for children and more. If the hotel web site does not list any extras, be sure to call and ask. If they don’t offer any of these free services, it would be wise to check the next hotel of your choice.

If you wish to save on attractions, make sure that you do your research first.  It would be good to remember that children get tired easily.  Be sure to space your trips to the park and activities to allow for some rest in between.  The activities will have to be fun and entertaining for kids to keep them from becoming restless.  Multi-day tickets are a better deal if you want to spread out your vacation several days at one theme park. It will take the stress off of having to see everything in one day (which is nearly impossible at most Orlando theme parks).

An Orlando vacation is not just about visiting Disney World and Universal Studios. You can still choose from over 50 other attractions that are educational and fun at the same time. If you are worried about spending a lot going to Disney World and other famous Orlando attractions, you should also consider other theme parks, water parks, animal attractions, museums or natural attractions. Take advantage of free shuttle service if your hotel offers one as this can save you money when going to the parks. If you plan ahead, you may not even have to rent a car, or drive you own car much once you arrive in Orlando.

Do you know that food is more expensive at many theme parks? Try eating breakfast before arriving at the theme park. Eat a light lunch, then look for values outside of the park for your dinner. Coupons are going to save you chunks of money and will make your dining experience enjoyable. Due to the fact that Orlando is a tourist destination, you will never run out of great deals that are easy on the pocket. Many tourist publications can save you money on restaurant coupons. If you insist on staying at the theme park all day and evening, look into a meal program. Most of the large Orlando theme parks offer them.

If you intend to purchase souvenirs to take home to your loved ones, Orlando is also famed for its great shopping malls. Why not visit a flea market while you are here? You can purchase theme park souvenirs outside of the park and save a lot of money. There are stores that offer discounted items and you can get as much as 65% discounted on selected items.

For a fun Orlando vacation without breaking the bank, use these money saving tips.