Orlando Thrill ParkBack in October, big news was released about a new amusement park coming to Orlando.  The Orlando Thrill Park was proposed to be built on 77.7 acres near the north end of International Drive.  The plans were for several ‘extreme’ roller coasters, with interlocking loops and vertical “top-hat” drops.  The tallest ride was going to need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, due to the height, 425 feet tall!  The park has a forecast attendance of 2 million people annually.

However, the latest news is that Orlando’s Municipal Planning board voted to reject the proposal.  The reasoning behind the rejection is due to local resident opposition.  The proposed location is bordered on the north by Festival Bay Mall and on the south by a residential neighborhood, Tangelo Park.  Residents voiced concerns of traffic increases, noise, and disruption of education due to the noise and screams coming from the roller coasters.  I could definitely see their point; I don’t think I’d want a thrill park built so close to my neighborhood.  But, on the other hand, a new park would generate much-needed jobs in the area; they say it will bring over 2,000 construction jobs and 1,250 permanent jobs.

The idea isn’t totally dead yet, developers have 5 days to regroup and appeal the decision.  The developers performed required traffic and noise studies, which are now posted on the city’s website. The developers say they are still talking with the city about noise-level requirements and are seeking special zoning for sound levels, to what was granted to Universal Orlando.  And, they would have to keep the ‘noisy’ sections away from the residential area, using those areas for restaurants, gift shops, and shopping areas.

IF this park is approved, it could pose a challenge to other amusement parks in the area, such as Fun Spot and Magical Midway.  Keep checking our website for additional information as plans progress.  And, please feel free to comment, and let us know what YOU think.