Kissimmee is located in the heart of Central Florida and has easy access to I-4 and the Florida Turnpike. These two highways can lead you to either coast and hook up with I-95 and I-75 so it makes for a great central location to visit other parts of Florida.

Kissimmee can also be easier on your wallet then some typical Snow Bird destinations. One of the great reasons to choose Kissimmee is the variety of places to stay. Just want to stay a couple of weeks? No problem, Kissimmee has a large variety of tourist condo and home rentals which you can choose for a week or a month and even longer. Seasonal rentals in Kissimmee are plentiful and reasonably priced, although Kissimmee is not as popular with Snow Birds as some of the coastal regions; it definitely has its advantages.

So you might wonder then if Kissimmee is not as popular with Snow Birds why should I choose Kissimmee?  One of the main reasons is that with so many vacation homes that people have purchased, the homes here rent weekly or monthly. Many of these homes have private pools, designer kitchens, garages and so much more. Primarily families rent these homes to vacation in Central Florida but that market is limited to school holidays. When you get into the coastal regions typically the cost is much higher and the minimum stay is months not as little as just a week.

Want to spend a few days at the beach? Rent a hotel room at the beach. You will find it will still be much more attractive to stay in Kissimmee cost-wise. The cost of renting a large vacation home with a private pool here is about as much as you would pay for an older condo on the beach plus you are not locked into renting for three months or more. Who knows, perhaps the kids and grandkids will jump in the car or on a plane and come visit you for Thanksgiving or Christmas. With all the extra space in a home rental they can stay with you!

Consider Kissimmee for your winter escape and discover the huge number of choices available to you in Central Florida. It’s easy – start looking by googling Kissimmee vacation homes and you will be amazed by the number of choices Kissimmee has to offer. It’s October already, so hop to it and become a Kissimmee Snow Bird – you will be glad you did!