My family and I had a wonderful evening at the Capone’s Dinner and Show Dinner Theater, even our resident teenager, who normally does not want to hang-out with us ‘old folks’.  We arrived a little early, so we took advantage of Al’s Secret Hideaway Bar for a drink before the show.

Capone’s Dinner and Show

Once we were seated at our table, the staff came around and let everyone know when they can go to the buffet.  I really liked this because it avoided huge lines at the buffet, and I really enjoyed the fact that you got to fix your plate before the show began.  Some dinner shows bring your food during the show and that takes away from the show, and you sometimes miss what is being said or done.  The food was great at Capone’s Dinner and Show!  There was a nice variety of items including salad, ham, peppers & sausage, pot roast, vegetables, lasagna, breadsticks and much more.  I think my teenager ate his weight in food, so that was definitely worth the price.

The staff was fabulous, and we did not have to wait for anything, ever.  They have a great selection of drinks that are included with the ticket and are unlimited, including Bud Light Draft, Al’s original Rum Runner, Rum & Cola, wine, soda, tea, and more.  And, let me tell you, they did NOT skimp on the drinks.  I tried Al’s original Rum Runner, and it was tasty, but I decided to stick with my White Zinfandel, and my glass was never empty.  The wait staff was not only entertaining, but very accommodating, and I was glad I brought a designated driver!

About the Show at Capone’s Dinner and Show

The show itself was very entertaining; the performers were very talented and we enjoyed the singing, dancing, and the storyline.  They interacted well with the audience, and everyone had a great time.  Before the show started, we were checking out the other people in the audience and I thought it was interesting that several people were explaining the era of prohibition and gangsters to the youngsters, so they even got a history lesson too.

We were seated at a table with people from Georgia, Ohio, and other parts of Florida, and ages from 7 to I’m guessing around 80, and they all really enjoyed themselves. You can also bring home plenty of souvenirs from the Capone’s Dinner and Show gift shop, including those cool Fedora hats and feather boas.

So, check out the show for yourself – they have a ½ off coupon on their website, and they also have an Easter Special and Mother’s Day Special coming up.  Dinner and a show is a great treat for mom, and she’ll get a flower as well.

Orlando Tourist Tip:  If you go to Al’s Secret Hideaway Bar before the show, you get seated first, therefore, you get to go to the buffet first. Only catch is that everyone in your party must purchase a drink (soft drink, tea or other).