Magical Midway thrill park features all your classic midway rides such as a carousel, bumper cars, bumper boats, bungee trampolines and a jumping castle.  But, this park features so much more including 3 go-kart tracks, 2 of which are elevated.  These fast tracks let you speed around corkscrew turns and are great fun!

Magical Midway is also THE place for the largest slingshot thrill ride, appropriately called the Sling Shot.  You are strapped into the chair & shot out almost 400 feet into the air!  This is definitely something you will never forget, but you can also get a DVD of the experience so you can enjoy it over and over.  They also have the Starflyer, a star-shaped swing ride that swings you high above the park.  And, Space Blast Tower will lift you off at 3 G’s up to 180 feet in the air, what a rush!

For some fun on the ground, visit the arcade.  There are plenty of state-of-the-art games for all ages, including classics like air hockey, billiards, and skee ball.  Magical Midway is conveniently located on International Drive, just 2 blocks south of Wet ‘N Wild.  And, there is free parking, free admission, New York style pizza, and an ice cream parlor.   I give this attraction 2 thumbs up – they have better rides than Fun Spot.

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