ZOOm Air Adventure Park
is an aerial adventure course located at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford.  This course features rope bridges, tightropes, and zip lines, all through the tree tops!  There are three tree top courses available; including a kid’s course (must be 36” tall and at least 4 years old, separate admission required).   The Upland course includes 4 zip lines and 30 game elements.  Some of the elements are log-walkways, wood swinging bridges, and ‘tightrope’ cables that you walk across.  You can also upgrade to the Rainforest adventure, which is higher and more difficult than the Upland course, and includes 28 game elements and 5 zip lines, one of which is a 500-foot zip line starting from 50 feet in the air! The kids’ Upland course is a much lower, easier version for kids 36” to 60” tall.  A parent must be with the child, which is great because you are on the ground, coaching the child through each step of the way; also great for photos.

I tried the Upland course with my family.  The Upland course is actually 2 courses, so you can take a break in between for water or bathroom use, which is great because once you are up in the course, you can’t just get down to use the bathroom.   We had 8 people in our group, with a range of ages from 9 to 56, including 3 teenagers.  The 9 year old was just barely below the 54” height requirement for the large Upland course, so she did the kid’s Upland course and had such a great time, she wants to come back as soon as she’s tall enough to do the larger course.  There is ZOOm Air staff patrolling the grounds constantly to make sure everyone is safe and following the rules.  The staff was great and very safety-conscious.  Before you even start the course, you go through a briefing period, where a staff member will help you with your equipment and go over all the safety rules with you.  They even have you do a low zip line, just to make sure everyone understands how to do it.  As long as you follow the instructions, which include making sure you are always hooked to a life line, it is totally safe.  And, if you are not following the rules, the staff will give you 2 warnings before they ask you to leave. This is for your own safety.

A few in our group are scared of heights, and were pretty nervous at first, but  by the time we were done, they wanted to come back again and do the Rainforest course, so this is a great confidence booster!  Everyone had a great time, from the 9 year old to her grandma.  I wouldn’t say you have to be physically fit, but some agility is required because you will have to climb ladders and go under or over things; the zip lines were a blast!

Orlando Tourist Tip: Make a whole day of it – visit the Central Florida Zoo and do the ZOOm Adventure Air Park while you are there!


Course Price
Kids’ Course (must be 36”-60” tall) $17.50 plus tax
Second round on Kids’ Course $11.50 plus tax
Upland (must be over 54” tall) $26.95 plus tax
Add all of Rainforest after Upland $21.95 plus tax
Add Big Zips after Upland (part of Rainforest) $12.00 plus tax
Upland & Rainforest (the whole adventure!) $45.95 plus tax
Season Pass $175.00 plus tax


  • Prices quoted do not include sales tax. Prices do not include Zoo admission. (You are not required to purchase Zoo admission to go on ZOOm Air.)
  • In case of inclement weather, please call first to confirm that ZOOm Air is open.
  • Adults will leave photo ID as a deposit for harnesses. It will be returned when all harnesses for the group are returned.
  • Appropriate footwear required- closed shoes, no flip-flops or sandals.