Lifestyle shopping center in Orlando

Orlando shopping is one of the favorite pastimes of Orlando residents and tourists who visit Orlando, Florida. You can find memorable gifts and make lasting memories by shopping in the wide variety of shops in Orlando. The Festival Bay Mall, LaBelle Furs, Pointe Orlando, Florida Mall, and Seigel’s Clothing Co. are just some of the most popular shopping locations in Orlando. Read these shopping tips so that you will be able to have a great shopping experience during your Orlando shopping tour.


Map Out your Shopping Tour
Before you start touring the shops in Orlando, map out your shopping tour so that you don’t need to decide where to go next and not waste time driving around the city looking for shops to visit. Make a list of the shops that you want to visit before you head out. If you don’t know your way around the city, use Google Maps or other Maps websites for directions (we’ve created a map that locates most of the major shopping areas, as well as the attractions – view our map). You may also want to visit the websites of the Orlando malls that you plan to visit and download mall maps so that you don’t get lost inside the malls. You may also be able to acquire paper maps at Guest Services Centers.

Go to Places with Easy Parking
Some of the shops in Orlando have inadequate parking space and you might find it difficult to park your car during your Orlando shopping tour. Looking for a parking space is a waste of time and gas, so it is best to go to a place with plenty of parking space. Some of the places in Orlando that have plenty of parking spaces are The Mall at Millenia, Orlando Premium Outlets, and Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet. Most of the malls in Orlando offer valet parking services so you don’t have to look for a parking space yourself.

Get Discounts with Coupons
Many of the shopping centers in Orlando offer coupons that allow you to get freebies and discounts. It is best to bring along some coupons in order to save money during your Orlando shopping tour. You can get a printable coupon book by registering online at the official websites of many Orlando shopping centers. You can also get a coupon book from Orlando Guest Services Centers. At the Orlando Premium Outlets in Vineland Ave., you can get coupons from the Food Court information services desk. Orlando’s Official Visitors Center also offers an Orlando Magicard that allows you to get shopping discounts.

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