Walt Disney World has been trying to wean themselves off discounts, but heading into the slowest tourism period of the year they announced some new offers. Free meal packages for guests booking a room at one of Disney’s more than 25,000 hotel/motel rooms. They are not offering the most popular lodging offer this year – no longer can you pay for 3 nights and get the fourth night free. Also the dates of this Fall’s offer includes fewer dates as Disney attempts to only offer the discount during the slowest periods of the year. Now that Mickey Mouse has a major new competitor in Harry Potter, I have to wonder if more discounts will follow.

Also at Walt Disney World it had been previously announced that it was joining Central Florida’s other major theme parks by offering a payment plan for annual passes. Prior to this year consumers had to pay for the entire year in one large payment for an annual pass to Walt Disney World. At first they were only offering the deal if you booked online but this week they extended it to their ticket booths. I would guess numerous guests were asking for the deal at the parks and were frustrated that they could only buy annual passes on a payment plan online. Many guests had probably heard about the new payment schedule but missed the part where it was only offered online. The Walt Disney World Company offers some of the best service in the game and found the complaints unacceptable.

Sea World met with OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) in Atlanta to continue the investigation of the death of a Sea World trainer in Orlando. The death of the trainer caused by one of Sea World’s most prized assets, Tilikum, whose value far exceeds that of its other killer whales, because he has been the most reliable stud of Sea World’s numerous captive killer whales. Tilikum has not returned to performing and probably should not have been in close contact with trainers or guests. You see this was not the first time Tilikum has killed but his second. I expect to see heavy fines for Sea World and a large settlement with the trainer’s family. Now Tilikum is sentenced to spending most of his time in a pool much too small for him. Do not expect to see Tilikum return to the show instead used only as a stud. My opinion is Sea World should build much larger behind the scenes pools to accommodate these huge animals in a humane way. The pictures aired on local news channels from their helicopters shows Tilikum in a small pool with very little room to move around and not deep enough to cover his dorsal fin in water.

Orlando’s summer tourism period is coming to a close as kids head back to school and transitioning into the slowest time of the year – Fall. Because of that, I encourage you to plan your trip for these slow months with the best deals of the year available. It also starts to cool off and park crowds will be a lot smaller. October and November in my experience are two of the best months to visit Orlando (avoid Thanksgiving weekend if you want great deals and small crowds). Visit Orlando soon and discover why Fall is the best time of all to visit.