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Discovery Cove – New Baby & Discounted Offers

It’s a girl! Discovery Cove is the proud birthplace of a female dolphin born March 18th. She is the 28th dophin to be born at the Orlando attraction since it opened in 2000. She is the fourth calf born to mother, Natalie.

The baby dolphin weights around 48 pounds and is 47 inches long. The Discovery Cove Zoological Team provides around-the-clock care for the mother and her baby. Another mother, Rose, is also watched carefully with her calf born on February 12. These four dolphins are currently kept in a behind-the-scenes pool.

Discovery Cove Baby Dolphin and Mother

If you are a Florida resident, you might want to try to get a peek at the new baby dolphin. Discovery Cove has brought back their Florida Resident Discount again. Although there are a lot of blackout dates, it is still one of the best discounted offers you’ll find. Not so much because of the price, but what it also includes.

This park offers a chance to get up close with the dolphins, and you may hand-feed exotic birds, view a wide range of tropical fish, see rays and other sea creatures. Your package includes a light continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks. You also receive sunscreen (safe for use around dolphins), snorkel equipment, lockers, a wetsuit and towels. That’s a great deal! Maybe this is why Discovery Cove was ranked #1 in the “Top 25 Amusement Parks & Water Parks in The World” category in 2013 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards.

Why This Discounted Deal is Such a Great Bargain

Dolphin Swim Day Resort Packages start at $219 per person. If you don’t care to swim with the dolphins, those theme park tickets start at $149. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: What a lot of people don’t know about this special offer is that with this purchase, you also receive unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica for 2 weeks around the date of your reservation! Upgrade your package for $22 and you can include Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in this deal! This is a fantastic bargain if you have a couple of weeks to spend at the area’s theme parks.

With SeaWorld celebrating their 50th anniversary, there is a lot going on. “Sea of Surprises” will be a year-long event. When you visit this theme park, consider yourself lucky if you run into the surprise squad. They roam about the park giving out merchandise, ride passes and more. Not only that, but the killer whale show “One World” has returned.

Dates to Use This Ticket Deal

Now for the blackout dates… You cannot use this discounted theme park ticket April 1 – 21 or from June 1 – August 31. You have to use it before the end of the year, and it must be purchased before May 31st. So again, if you are a Florida resident, and know in advance that you’ll have a couple weeks to play at our theme parks during these available periods, this is a great deal. My suggestion would be to hit it in early May. The water is warm, the crowds are not as large and the summer thunderstorms usually hold off.

Discover Great Discounted Tickets

Discovery Cove offers discounted tickets

September is a great month to find specials for local residents in Florida. Orlando theme parks have slowed down and discount tickets are plentiful. SeaWorld Orlando has advertised their $50 week day special, so most people know about this great deal. A lesser-known discount ticket special can be found for their sister park Discovery Cove, and includes other park admission.

For the rest of this year, Florida residents should definitely consider taking advantage of this deal. For as little as $149, you can visit Discovery Cove and after that visit, go to SeaWorld or Aquatica for free! As long as you go to Discovery Cove first – and before December 31, 2013, you’ll be able to go to the other parks through the end of next January.

What sets Discovery Cove apart is the Dolphin Swim Day Resort package, which is as low as $219 for Florida residents during this special. Treat yourself and take advantage of this greatly discounted Orlando attraction ticket. You’ll have an experience of a lifetime. This package includes food and snacks, the dolphin swim, use of snorkel gear and more. Combined with the fact that you get in to the other parks for free, makes this a fabulous deal.

Make your day even more special by adding the SeaVenture experience. This is the underwater walking tour where you adorn dive helmets and join schools of fish, rays and other sea creature up close and personal. You do not need to be SCUBA certified, however, some rules still do apply. You should not drink alcoholic beverages before the tour, nor should you fly for a few hours after.

Proof of a valid Florida residency is required at check-in, and the offer cannot be combined with any other special. If you are not a Florida resident, special ticket deals can be found for you too! Instead of $149, your price will be about $169 – $199; for the Dolphin Swim package, your price will be $229 – $259, and the SeaVenture price at $59.

Since the temperatures in Central Florida are still quite warm, there is no difference in visiting Discovery Cove now or in the heat of the summer. There will be fewer visitors, shorter lines, more room to play in the water and the sweet relief from the heat under shaded trees and umbrellas. Swimming with the dolphins is such a treat, everyone should experience it once in their lifetime. At this discounted ticket price, you might even offer to share this experience with your best friends. After all, memories are priceless, and these Orlando ticket deals don’t get much more affordable.

New Addition to Discovery Cove

SeaWorld’s unique park, Discovery Cove, is adding a new attraction, The Grand Reef, coming in June 2011.  Discovery Cove is a unique tropical retreat where you can interact with dolphins, snorkel, hand-feed exotic birds, or just relax at the beach.  Attendance is limited to about 1,000 guests so there are no crowds or long lines.

The new addition of the Grand Reef will make your visit even more memorable.  There are multiple levels of exploration, where guests can choose how to enjoy it.  There will be white sandy beaches, hammocks to relax in, underwater grottoes, and snorkeling inspired from reefs around the world.  Grand Reef will be build around a million-gallon aquarium filled with 125 species of fish, as well as sharks and rays.  You can step into the shallow waters and just get your feet wet, or you can snorkel in deep water with thousands of exotic fish and rays.  Farther out into the reef, you can actually swim alongside sharp-toothed reef sharks and venomous lionfish!  But, not to fear, they will be behind safety glass.

You can also experience the new underwater walking tour, SeaVenture. This allows guests with no scuba experience to don a dive helmet and enjoy the underwater world with unique fish and sea life all around.
Note:  This underwater SeaVenture tour will require an additional fee, and is limited to a certain number of guests.

Spotlight: Discovery Cove

Although many visitors to Central Florida first think of Disney, Universal or Sea World as the first stop of their vacation, there just might be an option you’ve never even heard of – Discovery Cove. Yes, it is a part of Sea World, but this park is a stand-alone experience, and could be that unforgettable experience you’ve always wanted to have while on vacation but never thought of.

Discovery Cove offers two types of packages, a dolphin package and a non-dolphin package. Not that there aren’t several reasons to come to this park, but personally, I feel the dolphins MAKE this an experience unlike any other theme park. If you have the slightest interest in these spectacular creatures, you owe it to yourself to participate in the dolphin-swim.  If you’re really into dolphins, book their ‘trainer for the day’ experience. Otherwise you can still feed the birds, snorkel, wade with rays and see beautiful fish.

The package (starting at $199) includes everything for a full day – parking, gear, towels, lockers, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages. When you add up what you’d pay at other theme parks throughout an entire day, the cost doesn’t seem so extravagant. The dolphin swim is only a part of your day, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore the rest of the park – the Tropical Reef, Wind-Away River, Explorer’s Aviary and Serenity Bay.

The reason to start your vacation at Discovery Cove? When you make your reservation ask about passes to Sea World, Busch Gardens and Aquatica – their sister parks. You just might get to visit them for free! Who knew that the most memorable day of your vacation could be the start to so many other memorable experiences?! Another hint: Spend the extra money and purchase the video/photo package. Although this day will “live in your heart for years to come,” the video of you and your new best dolphin friend (or your child’s) is a way to re-live the first day of your best vacation over and over again.