Medieval Times has been open in Kissimmee, Florida since 1983. A couple of months ago, print publications began running ads for Medieval Times with 50% off tickets coupons, and recently several freshly painted billboards (about 15 or so) advertise tickets starting at $33. We have never seen Medieval Times discount to the general public this drastically. There are several restrictions for this price and they may only offer this through Labor Day.

Medieval Times has been selling tickets through resellers giving a large margin to the ticket sellers. That has changed – you can now get tickets heavily discounted to the general public directly from Medieval Times. This model of discounting to the general public has been Capone’s Dinner & Show’s model for their entire history. That’s why you won’t see resellers selling Capone’s tickets. Ticket resellers may eventually stop selling Medieval Times tickets, because the main reason tourists deal with ticket resellers is convenience and saving money on tickets. If tourists can get the same price dealing directly with Medieval Times, why bother with a reseller?

It has been rumored that Medieval Times was not doing well. Discounting to the general public seems to be their answer to getting the show back on the right track. Be aware, however, unlike Capone’s where you get the best seats based on when you make your reservation, the discounts being offered by Medieval Times are their least prime seats. They will also try and sell you upgraded experiences and better seats. Maybe they can do this since Medieval Times seats about four times as many guests as Capone’s Dinner & Show, who do not charge a premium price for their best seats.

While Medieval Times tries to revive its business using a similar model as Capone’s Dinner & Show, one must wonder… how they will compete in the area of food quality and beverage options? Medieval Times does not pour a premium draft and the only other choice for alcoholic beverages is wine. They also try to save money on their beverages by not keeping guests glasses full. Reviews indicate the meal at Medieval Times is probably the worst of any dinner shows in Orlando. They would be better off increasing their dinner quality, which Capone’s Dinner & Show did last year and upgrading to better beverage choices. However, they would most likely have to raise their price to cover this expense, as Capone’s did with their slight increase this year.

Orlando Tourist Tip: Final piece of advice should you desire to attend Medieval Times, check with Medieval Times directly and then check out ticket resellers prices. Be sure and look at the differences on seating and upgrade deals. Feel free to leave a response below and let others know about your experience at Medieval Times and with any ticket resellers you have dealt with.