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Orlando Vacations May Include Events at the Amway Center

Fans enjoy an Orlando Magic basketball game.

Any Orlando attraction planning, in which vacationers are fans to any the Orlando Magic games or concerts available there, should include the Amway Center.”

This Orlando attraction is a sports and entertainment venue. It is part of the Downtown Orlando Master plan 3 and located in downtown Orlando. The Master Plan 3 also includes improvements to the performing arts center and the Citrus Bowl.

Opening on October 1, 2010, it had been discussed ten years prior to approval in 2006. The newly technologically designed sports and entertainment venue became a consideration after its predecessor, the Amway Arena was built in haste in 1989. While quickly constructed, new technology quickly made it become the oldest arena in basketball leagues.

Amway billionaire presented the new Orlando attraction design to Orlando mayor who later approved its construction, design, and costs; which recently declared creditors could seek bankruptcy relief in a few years in way of repossession if relief was not made soon, which also states would not disrupt any “Magic’s” venue rights.

With all history aside, what are some experiences to expect while visiting this fabulously new Orlando attraction? It is home to all the Orlando Magic games for the NBA, the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL, and the Orlando Predators of the AFL. As of November 12, 2012, the Amway Center was granted access to host second and third round games of the NCAA Division/Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2014. New announcement on January 14, 2013 include the Board of Directors voting to award Arena Bowl XXVI to Orlando in the summer of 2013, per a Wikipedia site.

Games are not the only thing bringing people to this Orlando attraction. Concerts of all music variations are held in this arena also. RUSH, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and KISS are some of the recent upcoming concerts to be held in this spectacular arena. Conducting a search online for your favorite artist will tell you if you can look forward to seeing them at the Amway Center soon, or even later.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: When purchasing concert tickets, be sure to check out the seating maps/charts. Most concerts base their ticket price on the best seats. Sometimes, the upper levels just to the edge of the stage are less expensive, yet your view is still pretty good. However, if it is one of your all-time favorite artists, spring for the best seats in the house and have a memory of a lifetime at a concert in a great venue.

What makes this Orlando attraction sports and entertainment center different from so many others is what indemnities it offers its visitors. Aside from it being over 500,000 square feet larger than its predecessor; therefore, allowing more spectators to view games and concerts, it also provides several different restaurants and bars throughout the arena.

One restaurant, Jernigan’s, is an exclusive Club level restaurant. Reservations need to be made and are limited to ticketed guests only. Being able to eat exquisite food while having an astounding view which overlooks the arena bowl during Orlando Magic games is to die for. Dining is also available before many other events and concerts.

Other restaurants and bars are located throughout. ATM’s, phone charging docks, and a child play area are also located inside. This Orlando attraction is the fantasy of other venues of its kind. The Amway Center has paved the way to experience games, concerts, and events, while offering technological conveniences everyone wishes they had at one time or another, for other places to follow.


Ghost Tours: See Orlando in a Different Light

If your Orlando attraction planning consists of thrills and excitement it still might be lacking the ultimate thrill, a “Ghost Tour.” Yes, that is correct. With Central Florida being known to inhabit entities and the paranormal, several paranormal investigators discovered occupations to serve their skills and training.

“Ghost hunting” is what the majority of paranormal investigators live for. Now, “Ghost Tours” have become a part of their services offered through the businesses. Although a “Ghost Tour,” or “Ghost Walk” is different than actual “Ghost Hunting,” the fear of the unknown, and sometimes encountering the unknown, is still an effect after the adventure is over.

For people interested in the paranormal, and what lies beyond this life, finding an Orlando attraction that is known to provide guests with the ultimate experience is a must. There are many paranormal investigation companies in the Orlando area who specialize in providing tourists with a memorable “Ghost Tour” adventure. See our tour directory.

Historic photo of Church Street in downtown Orlando

A popular Orlando attraction which offers “Ghost Tours” is “American Ghost Adventures.” The tour starts on Church Street; the business is also located here. Most of the buildings on this street have claims of being haunted. The Church Street Station, which is the former Courthouse, includes three late 1800 era buildings and the Orange County Regional History Center.

The paranormal guides take visitors on a two-hour walking tour of “haunted” buildings while focusing on the phenomena each one possesses. This Orlando attraction takes “seekers” through the downtown area; focusing on the paranormal investigation aspect. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Wear comfortable shoes. While the walk is not a fast-paced one, you will be standing or walking most of this tour.

The first half of the tour consumes of walking to the different buildings. When available, tours of the inside of some buildings can become extremely fascinating. The history and stories associated with the buildings are given at each site while providing tourists an education in parapsychology, the study of investigating evidence of the paranormal; such as, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.).

During the second half of the tour guests are taken inside a building, said to be haunted, and are able to conduct a paranormal investigation themselves. This “Ghost Touring” Orlando attraction encourages visitors to bring cameras to take photos of the buildings, inside and out. Encouragement to use their own equipment, small voice recorders to record possible EVP’s, voices of the ghosts, and cameras or phones to capture pictures of entities or orbs, small white lights caused by ghosts.

Exploring Orlando attractions in this way lets visitors separate facts from fiction of stories told surrounding the buildings. Anything that is experienced during the “Ghost Tour” is not of deliberation. Actors are not hired to scare people. Any noted “sightings” or “sounds” of visitors are said to be legitimate.

There are many other Orlando attractions available to provide people with “Ghost Tours” in the Orlando area. Naming this stated company is random based upon research. People seeking this adventure are encouraged to research all the different companies in the area that offer this service. Reviews are given online to help you decide.

Use this review as a guide for deciding if a “Ghost Tour” is for you.

House of Blues: Concerts and Food with Closeness

If you’ve planned your vacation to Orlando and want to attend a concert, definitely check out what is going on at the famous “House of Blues.” The “House of Blues” is located in Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney, in Orlando, FL. If you are a concert enthusiast, this is a great Orlando attraction to experience.

This venue-type Orlando attraction is relatively small as far as concert venues go. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you have a favorite band coming to concert here, get your tickets immediately. Due to the limited seating, ticket prices are all general admission and whichever seat you find yourself in will be great to see your favorite performer. Do try to arrive early if possible though, because it is known; even though all seats are great, the best ones are down below, closer to the stage.

This two-level building not only provides concerts, it is also a restaurant and bar. The prices range in the same amount as all the surrounding Disney attractions, yet many have reported the wait for food, or drink, is remarkably fast.

An Orlando attraction that, not only, has security guards for their guest’s safety but also uses metal detectors before any concert or event. This concept should be explored at all concert venues worldwide. Come prepared for the scan and leave questionable items at home or in your hotel room.

House of Blues - Gospel BrunchSome upcoming concerts include: Anthrax for the Metal Alliance Tour, Sister Hazel, and Hysteria: A Def Leppard Tribute. There are many more upcoming concerts so conducting a search for artists in concert at this Orlando attraction should be done.

Along with concerts there are also event nights that are held weekly. On Sunday night is “Service Industry Night”; entry with a valid service industry ID is required. Every Tuesday is the “Latin Service Industry” night. Shake it Tuesday’s music is provided by DJ Anthony. This Orlando attraction is featuring an upcoming “FX Orlando TEEN NIGHT”; admission is only available with a valid ID as proof of being of an age ending in “teen.”

Being able to experience a concert up close as this Orlando attraction concert and event venue allows a person to be is remarkable. Although the summer hours create the heat to rise inside, and one can become hot and stuffy, the closeness to the stage and artist make it worthwhile in the end.

Another great event to attend at the “House of Blues” is the Gospel Brunch. A buffet-style food line is served and visitors are seated in a “family style” seating environment. The closeness sets the mood to experience Gospel Singers serenading you while you eat your brunch. A moving experience one will not soon forget. A must attend for anyone that loves Gospel music, and food of course.

Many people return year after year to attend concerts and eat a good meal at this Orlando attraction. The “House of Blues” concerts are like no other. The closeness of artist to fan is extraordinary for everyone in the audience. Sometimes, if the timing is right, many have been known to be able to meet and mingle with the favorite starts before and after the concert due to the quaintness it provides. Arrive early and see the stars!

Fun Spot America: The Fun “Spots” Here

Be sure to include Fun Spot America while creating your itinerary for your Orlando attraction vacation. This attraction, which is located near Universal Studios Orlando on International Drive, is the perfect getaway from the major theme parks. This amusement park should be experienced by everyone.

Fun Spot America in Orlando, Florida

For over sixteen years, Fun Spot America Orlando amusement park has provided a different fun for Florida vacationers. Due to its popularity, a sister site in Kissimmee, “Fun Spot USA,” was opened. The rides and fun at this amusement park have the potential of creating additional openings in other Florida cities, maybe other states, so keep an eye out for one near you.

Go-Karts Set Fun Spot America Apart

What makes this amusement park so different from the theme parks is the founding, and creation, of it revolves around Go-Karts. Yes, that is correct. Go-Karts, thrill rides and arcade games put the “fun” in “Fun Spot.”

This is heaven for the Go-Kart enthusiast! What is spectacular is they not only have the four multi-level tracks, but they also have tracks available for kids in the “Kid Spot” of the amusement park. Smaller tracks of Go-Karts as well as smaller amusement thrill rides are available here.

Some of the excitement available at “Fun Spot America Orlando” is: Four Multi-Level Tracks, yes, that is FOUR multi-level Go-Kart Tracks, thirteen exciting thrill rides, eight pre-school kids’ rides, and 120 arcade games to choose from. Some of the tracks might seem intimidating. One track takes many twists and turns while the track becomes elevated in some areas.

This Orlando attraction offers rides and games for the entire family. Age is not a consideration for visiting this park, besides knowing which ride to put the kiddies on. Yes, that is basically like the major theme parks but, without the crowding, it is much easier for parents to watch their children while having fun themselves.

For larger kids and adults, Bumper Boats, the Ferris Wheel, Bumper Kars, the famous Scrambler, and the Paratrooper are available. The Paratrooper is a different take-off of the Ferris wheel. Be sure to also experience the newer SkyCoaster ride.

Arcade Fun

A break from the Go-Karts and thrill rides is provided inside a 10,000 foot “winners circle” arcade containing 120 different fun-filled arcade games. There is a game for every member of the family to partake in at Fun Spot America.

This Orlando attraction provides the Go-Kart tracks that any surrounding major theme park cannot offer. These multi-level tracks will keep you going all day, while dividing your time up riding the thrill rides available. An experience that can only be seen by doing.

Make this Orlando attraction part of your vacation. Have the same amount of fun while taking a break from the large theme and water parks. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Fun Spot America Orlando offers the choice for visitors to pay per ride or to purchase an all-day pass. This choice is not an option at other parks. So, when you’re ready to take a break, come to the “Fun Spot America Orlando” and relax in the fun.


Discover Disney Hollywood Studios Today

The Walt Disney World’s Resort is the combination of four major theme parks and two water parks. Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is popular among movie buffs. While doing your Orlando attractions planning make sure you include this thrill-seeking park. Before diving into what to expect while visiting Hollywood Studios, let’s take a brief lesson on how all the theme parks, when combined together, become one.

When most people think of Walt Disney World they usually picture Cinderella’s Castle. The magnificent castle is, in fact, the iconic symbol associated with the park and anything relating to it. When the amusement park was first built it was actually named Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. As the other parks were built, the first park became known as just Magic Kingdom. Every Orlando attraction, in the different parks, revolves around their own, yet each equally entertaining theme.

In 1989, Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park opened to the public.  As the name insinuates, this is park that is devoted to creating legendary rides and unforgettable shows that are based on popular movies and shows. Even if you are not a movie buff, you’ll enjoy this Orlando attraction.

Hollywood Studios is where our favorite movies come alive. It’s the home of two major attractions, Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. You can also catch shows that focus on popular classic movies such as Cars attractions. One more main attraction is the American Idol Experience. The Orlando attraction allows visitors the experience of being a contestant while going through the audition process and eliminations. Others choose to judge the contestants; the thrill of elimination is in their hands.

Rock and Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios

© Walt Disney World

One of the most popular roller coasters for this Orlando attraction, and also among all of the theme parks, is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Located in Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this indoor coaster shoots you from 0 to 57 miles an hour in just 2.8 seconds; is that thrill enough for you?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is open for guests every day at 9 a.m. This Orlando attraction stays open later during the summer months and on holidays so closing time will vary by season. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Gates open at 8:30 a.m., so make plans to arrive early. Although admission to the attractions is not allowed until the ropes officially drop, this is a perfect opportunity to catch your favorite Disney characters visiting guests at the park’s entrance. Photo Op!

Orlando attraction planning should have gate times for opening and closing for all parks. You may also study the park’s maps ahead of time and create a plan to visit your favorite rides and shows accordingly. Make the most of your vacation and enjoy Orlando!