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Cheetah Hunt now open!

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal, accelerating up to 70 to 75 mph in short bursts, and now Busch Garden’s Cheetah Hunt is the longest roller coaster in the state!  (Disney’s Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom comes in a close 2nd.)  At 4,429 feet long, this new ‘cheetah simulator’ ride will launch riders at speeds up to 60 mph, and up to a height of 102 feet!  This new coaster doesn’t use the traditional chain lift to pull the cars up to the top, but rather a “LSM” system, which means it will use ‘linear synchronous motors’, a series of electric magnetic motors, to propel the coaster cards at different bursts of speed.  The 3 minute, 30 second ride carries 16 riders per train, and can take up to 1,370 riders per hour.  Another thing that makes this ride different is the smaller height requirement, only 48 inches, rather than the coaster standard of 54 inches, so younger kids will be able to ride also.

Opening day was Friday, May 27th, in time for the Memorial Day weekend, but there were some glitches Friday so it was not opened until the afternoon.  But those riders who finally got on were not disappointed.

Along with the new ride is the Cheetah Run, a new animal experience where guests can watch real cheetahs in motion.  The opening day bugs seemed to have been worked out and I’m looking forward to testing the new ride in person, happy hunting!

Cheetahs are coming to Tampa!

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay is working on a new Cheetah attraction, expected to open in the spring of 2011.  This new attraction will feature an Animal encounter area called Cheetah Run, as well as a ‘cheetah-like’ coaster called Cheetah Hunt. Some people feel the name Cheetah Hunt is a contradiction to the conservation efforts of Busch Gardens.  But, the actual concept of the coaster is not to hunt a Cheetah, but to feel like a Cheetah on the hunt – fast, sleek, graceful, and powerful.

The Cheetah is the fastest land animal and can reach speeds of 70-75 MPH.  This amazing animal can also sprint from 0 to 64 MPH in three seconds!  That is faster than most high-performance cars!  Busch Gardens is trying to imitate the animal for this ride and will accelerate you, via electromagnets, to almost 40 miles per hour in just a few seconds!  To mimic the Cheetah, the design of the coaster will have several launches, a watery encounter, trenches, an inversion, and a period of weightlessness.  Some features already at the park will be used for this ride, including a monorail station that has been closed since 2000.

At the Cheetah Run encounter, you’ll be able to see the animals up-close and watch them running and sprinting.  This will be a great opportunity to see such a remarkable animal.  I can’t wait to check out the coaster!  Keep checking our website for updates on when this new attraction will open.