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Nature-lovers and Thrill-seekers Vacation Destination

There has always been confusion over a great attraction located about an hour southeast of Orlando. For years, it was a conservation area known as Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area. The land is 4,700 acres in Osceola County and offers nature-lovers a look at Florida as it was and has been for decades.

The attraction began to offer Florida EcoSafaris which promoted the “theme park” in this manner. Horseback rides were the draw and the adventure began. Then in 2009 thrill-seekers were targeted with the addition of zip lines. These weren’t your ordinary zip lines – they were the first zip lines developed for flat lands in the entire world! Zipline Adventure included seven zip stretches and three sky bridges.

Forever Florida – Ziplines & Adventures in the Wild

So, is it a nature park? A zip line adventure? A conservation nature park? It is all of these and more. This spring, the various names we’ve been calling this Orlando attraction have been clarified into a new name for all of the offerings: Forever Florida – Ziplines & Adventures in the Wild. Not only will this help the attraction strengthen its brand, it will also help visitors to this area realize all of the opportunities offered there.

You will still be able to explore the conservation area with a two-hour Wild Coach Adventure tour. If you’d rather explore by horseback, sign up for the Horseback Adventure. Perhaps these are not enough to get your heart racing. If that is the case, go for the new Zipline Adventure Thrill Pack. You’ll get to experience four of the wildest ziplines:

  • The Rattlesnake: the only zipline roller coaster in the USA
  • The Peregrine Plunge: the longest single straightaway zipline in Florida
  • The Panther Pounce: a 68-foot-high challenge tower that delivers a harrowing controlled fall
  • The Swooping Crane: an extreme, free-fall swing where guests are released from a height of 55 feet.

Forever Florida Thrill Pack

Florida Resident Special

Of course there are those that are nature-lovers and thrill-seekers, so a special promotion for Florida residents is being offered. Choose two of the three adventures and save $45. This limited time offer costs $85 and lets you experience the Thrill Pack, Zipline Adventure or Horseback Adventure if you are at least 8 years old and weigh between 55 and 265 pounds.

While the name has not been clear for several years, what should be clear now is that this Central Florida attraction has a lot to offer. It may be off the beaten path, but this only makes it better for the nature-lover in most all of us who wants to get away from it all, yet still need a thrill every once-in-a-while. A trip to Forever Florida – Ziplines & Adventures in the Wild offers the best of a great vacation destination.

For more information, visit ForeverFlorida.com or call 407-957-9794.

Incorporate An Eco Safari Into Your Florida Vacation

People often think of Florida as being home to Mickey Mouse (at the Walt Disney World Resort), Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and a whole host of other man-made, fun attractions. It is home to all of these things, but there are also plenty of natural and environmentally friendly things you can do in Florida too. One of these is often ranked as one of Florida’s top attractions: an Eco Safari through the incredible natural wild of Florida’s native environment and the chance to see it’s wildlife in designated conservation areas.

So What Exactly Is An Eco Safari?

An eco safari is a natural adventure that the whole family will enjoy, and a fantastic way to spend a day of your Florida vacation. You will board an open air safari coach and head into a natural Floridian conservation area, where you will learn about the distinct eco systems that Florida enjoys. Just like on an African safari, you will also be able to spot all of the local wildlife as you travel: in Florida this means the chance to spot black bears, alligators, white-tail deer, around 200 types of birds and, if you’re really lucky, you may even see the famous Florida panther. Your safari will be lead by a local expert, full of knowledge and keen to share everything they know about natural Florida with you. If you have an interest in conservation and like to lead as green a lifestyle as possible then an eco safari is one Florida attraction that really shouldn’t be missed!

Florida Eco Safaris Coach Tour

How Green Is a Vacation To Florida?

Florida isn’t really thought of as a ‘green’ vacation spot, but like any vacation destination, a trip to Florida can be as green or as environmentally damaging as you choose to make it: and much of this will depend what you decide to do whilst you’re on your vacation. There are many restaurants serving locally sourced foods, so you can reduce your food miles, and enjoying activities such as an eco safari is carbon offset fun too. The main environmental impact you will cause on your Florida vacation is actually traveling to reach your destination! Of course, the negative environmental impact of flying is well-documented. But if you have environmental concerns there are other, slightly more environmentally friendly ways of traveling.

You could travel in luxury and choose to cruise to Florida rather than fly, for example. According to Iglu Cruise, modern ships are now being designed with the environment in mind. Many ship companies are now painting the hull with a silicon based paint so the ships glide through water more easily, therefore saving fuel, and “Royal Caribbean Cruises have taken this a step further by designing aerodynamic hulls, increasing the benefit of this fuel saving tactic.” If cruising to Florida simply isn’t a feasible option for you, but you still wish to travel in as environmentally sound a way as possible, why not consider offsetting the environmental impact of your flight or drive to your vacation destination? ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: You can use a carbon calculator to work out the amount of carbon emissions your flight will generate, and then work out what you have to do to offset that: for example, by planting new trees, cutting back on the amount of other travel you undertake or funding a waste conservation program of some kind. There are even specialist carbon offsetting companies that will do the hard work of this for you.

Book Your Eco Safari!

Like the sound of an eco safari and want to experience the more environmentally friendly face of Florida? There are plenty of companies in Florida that offer this incredible experience. And you’ll be surprised to learn that many of them are in the heart of Orlando! Here is a list of recommended suppliers. Why not book your fantastic tour for the whole family today?

Forever Florida offer eco safaris on both open sided coaches and also eco safaris on horse back! These incredible experiences last around two hours, followed by a visit to the centers Visitor Center, where you could enjoy a tasty home cooked meal or shop for the perfect Florida-themed gift. For more information visit their website.

EverGlades Day Safari incorporates a boat cruise into their eco safari offering (the perfect chance to spot an alligator or two) and they even offer specific child-friendly tours for their younger guests. For more information visit their website.

Article written for Orlando Tourist Tips by Claire Foster, December 2013.

Spotlight: Florida EcoSafaris

Get in touch with the Wild Side at Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida.  Experience a wild, natural Florida that most people do not get to see.  You can choose your own fully-guided adventure from the Coach Safari, Horseback Safari, and the adventurous Zip line Safari.  This special attraction boasts 9 Florida Ecosystems!  This wildlife conservation area is home to many native plants, flowers and animals, including white-tail deer, black bears, alligators, and the endangered Florida Panther in their natural habitat.

The Coach Safari is an open air coach that brings you on a 2-hour tour through the beautiful 4,700 acre Forever Florida wildlife conservation area.  Midway through your adventure, you’ll get a chance to walk the boardwalk that winds through 500 year old cypress trees and takes you over the Bull Creek floodplain.

Or, feel like you are going back in time on the Horseback Safari, where you can ride the historic trails the native Americans used back in the 1500s.  Choose between a 1, 2, or 3 hour ride through the wildlife conservation area.  Horses are individually picked for each rider, and the tour is fully guided, so no need to worry if you aren’t an experienced rider.

For those ready for an aerial view, zipping up to 25 miles an hour, the Zipline Safari is for you! Your guided tour will let you soar through the tree tops 55 feet off the ground along runs spanning up to 750′ in length and make your way across two sky-bridges!  What a great way to enjoy Florida’s natural flowers and wildlife!   (That is if you can keep your eyes open- what an adventure!)

Florida EcoSafaris allow you to see a side of Florida that has been preserved as nature intended.  (Approximately 50 miles from the Orlando area.)  And is one of the attractions you can go to for free with your Go Orlando Card, which is a discount card for area attractions.