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How to Get to LegoLand

The grand opening of LegoLand is quickly approaching – October 15. Many tourists in the Orlando area might want to go, but have second thoughts about making the drive to this new theme park. Many hotels offer shuttles to area shopping, so if the hotel that you are staying at does, this just might be your answer to – how to get to LegoLand. LegoLand has recently announced a shuttle service plan in partnership with Annett Bus Lines.

The round-trip shuttle bus will depart Orlando Premium Outlets on Vineland Avenue in Orlando at 9:00 a.m. (arrive 30 minutes prior to departure) and will return after the theme park closes (5:00 p.m. in October). The price is only $5 per person – at least for now. LegoLand will increase the tickets to $10, but they are not revealing when the price increase will happen, i.e. how long the introductory round-trip price will continue. Reservations are required. You can purchase and make your reservation online. Seats without a reservation will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis depending upon availability.

Orlando Tourist Tip: If you are a family with small children, you will need to bring your child’s own booster seat or infant car seat. Each rider will have their own seat belt. The trip will take approximately 45 minutes traveling south (west) I-4. Parents are free to interact with their children during this ride, instead of dealing with the sometimes-not-so-pleasant traffic along I-4. However, eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus. Better find other ways to keep your kids entertained! Perhaps the Lego Duplo toy bus (pictured here) will help! If you need more information, call 1.877.350.LEGO.

For those of you that are brave enough to drive there in your own vehicle, you can use LegoLand’s web site to get directions from Google, just click here. Or follow these directions:

From Orlando: Take I-4 WEST to exit 55 (US Hwy 27 South). Turn right off U.S. Highway 27 at State Road 540/Cypress Gardens Boulevard. Park is four miles on the left.

From Tampa: Take I-4 EAST to Exit 27 (Polk County Parkway). Exit 14 Winter Haven (2nd Toll Booth) at S.R. 540 and follow eight miles to Hwy 17 North. Take Hwy 17 North two miles over the bridge to Cypress Gardens Boulvard and turn right. Legoland Way will be on your right.

Letter to Our Governor

Governor Scott,

I own a dinner theatre in Kissimmee and frankly I am astonished that in your wisdom you have chosen not to accept 2.4 billion dollars in federal funding to build Sun Rail. I do not believe you have given this matter the consideration it so deserves. While I agree federal spending is out of control and needs to be reeled in I do not agree with sending these funds to California. Whether or not we take these dollars for Florida it will not reduce federal spending but simply re-direct it to another state. Mean while we loose out on all the jobs and the taxes Sun Rail would create.

I have read much about the subject and quite frankly you are getting a lot of bad press on this issue. Just today I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel predicting high speed rail will operate at a surplus adding funds to the state coffers. Even should that prediction not hold true my understanding is most mass transit operates at a deficit. The future taxes generated by property taxes of development spurred by high speed rail do not even seem to have entered your equation. My belief is you are playing to much to the Tea Party movement and not enough regarding what the Legislature passed and former Governor Charlie Christ signed into law and what Florida business operators want. To be quite frank with you I was amazed the Florida Supreme Court sided with you on this job killing position which you made prior to even having a Secretary of Transportation in your cabinet yet and not having legislative approval to repeal the law that was passed and signed into law.

Your own party in large part disagrees with you and your lack of support will cost you votes when re-election rolls around. I am nearly fifty and in all my years I have never seen so much bad press and dissent for a newly elected governor. Sun Rail will bring more jobs to Florida as commuting from South Florida and Central Florida becomes easier and faster. I would prefer not having property tax cuts if it means sacrificing Sun Rail. I am obviously VERY disappointed in your actions and your dictator like dismissal of funding for Sun Rail. I regret having voted for you as I am sure many business people in Florida do. We need innovation and new infrastructure to make Florida more attractive for new business development and to attract businesses not operating in Florida to develop a presence in our state.

In the short term you are costing thirteen thousand jobs for Florida a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Years from now residents of Florida will look back and see how short sighted your decision on Sun Rail is.


John Kucik both personally and professionally
Capone’s Dinner & Show Inc.
4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Parkway
Kissimmee, Fl. 34746
407-397-2378 ext. 106