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Ten Must-Visit Attractions in Orlando

These ten must-visit attractions in Orlando will help you narrow down what to do while visiting Orlando. After all, Orlando enjoys the status of being a traveler’s paradise. Numerically speaking, more than 70 million tourists visited Orlando last year from all over the world. What is particularly encouraging about this is the fact that the number of visitors records a sharp rise with every passing year.

You may still readily come across a lot of vacationers who had been to Orlando but did not have the best of time there. Well, it happens when people fall short of research and go to every tourist destination that comes along their way. You simply cannot make the most of your time and money by subscribing to such a flawed approach.

Keeping this issue in mind, we have singled-out Orlando’s ten best tourist attractions. The selection is based on various factors. So you are going to have an absolute ball at these places regardless of your age or taste.

  1. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a place where dolphins, sharks, penguins, and whales are all set to captivate you. The professionals will entertain you by playing various tricks with these water creatures. Though authorities have banned public-feeding, you are still allowed to touch the dolphins.

Depending on the package, you can even capture photos with dolphins and whales. SeaWorld is the epitome of the underwater-life that ensures the closed and safest encounter with the water species. As opening hours vary from day to day, make sure you are on top of your schedule to fully capitalize on the experience.

  1. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Vacations are not always about fun. Sometimes they also carry underlying purpose to educate you informally. Kennedy Space Center is exactly that kind of a place. Be sure to include it as one of your ten must-visit attractions in Orlando.

Scientists have been exploring the possibilities of living in space. This tourist destination will unfold what lead NASA to look beyond the earthly realm and what are the odds that we will be successfully living a normal life on other planets.

Kennedy Space Center also offers you an opportunity to participate in launch ceremonies and figure out what astronauts are up to. This is hands down the best spot for someone having an appetite for science. If you want to prolong your stay at this site, you can easily do it, because there is no shortage of Hotels in Orlando, Florida.

  1. Discovery Cove

Have you ever dreamt of sharing the swimming pool with a dolphin? If yes, then Discovery Cove is surely your cup of tea. Among other things, Discovery Cove gives you access to a variety of birds. The melodious sounds of these exotic birds will be imprinted in your memory for a long time.

What makes this park unique is that no more than 1,300 people are allowed entrance in a single day. The threshold keeps the place from getting crowded. As a result, you will not feel like your space is being invaded.

Presently, the park is at the helm of its popularity. Therefore it would be wise to book your tickets at the earliest.

  1. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is easily the unproclaimed king of all the celebrated theme parks in Orlando. The destination is based on four parks. Namely, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. Though each park specializes in different genres, all of them are nothing short of a gem.

Ten must-visit attractions in Orlando includes Walt Disney World

Image by EDUARDO ROMERO from Pixabay

  1. Gatorland

Gatorland is the home of thousands of reptiles chiefly dominated by crocodiles and alligators. You may have come to terms with their strength through a television show. But there is nothing like watching them from an arm’s length distance.

Make no mistake; the 110-acre park is not all about reptiles. You can also come across more than 20 types of birds. Since many of these birds fall into the category of endangered species, this is the first and last time you might be seeing them.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you happen to be a photographer-enthusiast, the management will reward you with an early entrance. That way, you will have ample time to explore Gatorland.

  1. Orlando Eye

Albeit fairly new, Orlando Eye has managed to impact people even in a relatively short time. Visitors sit in a 400-feet high wheel-ride, which contains 30 capsules. Each capsule can carry 15 people at a time. Before you assume that it could be a suffocating experience, let us disclose that the capsules are air-conditioned.

Apart from the soul-string ride, you will also get to observe the city through the “observing wheel.” Sunset is the best time to experience this adventure.

  1. Old town

Let us face it, not all parents are well-equipped with resources to plan a picnic for their children. That is where Old Town can win the day for you. It does not cost a dime to step into Old Town. Regardless, that does not mean you will have to compromise on fun.

From eye-catching car shows to shopping malls, you can pretty much find everything that is necessary to make an outing memorable. Old Town stays open from 10 AM to 11 PM, seven days of the week.

  1. Boggy Creek Airboat Tour

Florida is gifted with rich wildlife. And there is no better way to dive into it than taking a Boggy Creek Airboat ride. As you navigate on the water’s surface, you will witness every single element that is the hallmark of diverse wildlife. If you have a taste for poetry, the environmental beauty will ignite your inner poet. A Boggy Creek Airboat Tour lasts for 30 minutes.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: During the summer season, avoid taking a ride in the afternoon hours. The scorching heat might take a toll on you. Check out these other ways to beat the heat.

  1. Orlando Science Center

As the name suggests, this must-visit attraction in Orlando has an educational angle associated with it. At the Orlando Science Center, you can witness a broad range of exhibition galleries and get into the thick of scientific stuff. The destination is also responsible for hosting several scientific events.

In addition to that, the center has two breathtaking cinema halls where science-centric laser shows and films are played.

  1. Exotic Animal Experience

The list of the ten must-visit attractions in Orlando cannot come to a close without mentioning the name of Exotic Animal Experience. This attraction is jam-packed with unending species of owl monkeys, kangaroos, and deer.

Another distinguishing feature of this place is its packages. Also, you are free to visit animals in a group as well as alone. On top of that, you may also buy extra time for your convenience.

The Final Verdict of the Ten Must-visit Attractions in Orlando

There is no denying the fact that Orlando is crowded with so many appealing places to visit. But sightseers have only limited time and capital to spend. In that case, sticking to the attractions mentioned above will let you get the best return on your vacation investment. Enjoy these Orlando Tourist Tips & enjoy your Orlando vacation!

Guest post provided by David Kane


House of Blues: Concerts and Food with Closeness

If you’ve planned your vacation to Orlando and want to attend a concert, definitely check out what is going on at the famous “House of Blues.” The “House of Blues” is located in Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney, in Orlando, FL. If you are a concert enthusiast, this is a great Orlando attraction to experience.

This venue-type Orlando attraction is relatively small as far as concert venues go. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you have a favorite band coming to concert here, get your tickets immediately. Due to the limited seating, ticket prices are all general admission and whichever seat you find yourself in will be great to see your favorite performer. Do try to arrive early if possible though, because it is known; even though all seats are great, the best ones are down below, closer to the stage.

This two-level building not only provides concerts, it is also a restaurant and bar. The prices range in the same amount as all the surrounding Disney attractions, yet many have reported the wait for food, or drink, is remarkably fast.

An Orlando attraction that, not only, has security guards for their guest’s safety but also uses metal detectors before any concert or event. This concept should be explored at all concert venues worldwide. Come prepared for the scan and leave questionable items at home or in your hotel room.

House of Blues - Gospel BrunchSome upcoming concerts include: Anthrax for the Metal Alliance Tour, Sister Hazel, and Hysteria: A Def Leppard Tribute. There are many more upcoming concerts so conducting a search for artists in concert at this Orlando attraction should be done.

Along with concerts there are also event nights that are held weekly. On Sunday night is “Service Industry Night”; entry with a valid service industry ID is required. Every Tuesday is the “Latin Service Industry” night. Shake it Tuesday’s music is provided by DJ Anthony. This Orlando attraction is featuring an upcoming “FX Orlando TEEN NIGHT”; admission is only available with a valid ID as proof of being of an age ending in “teen.”

Being able to experience a concert up close as this Orlando attraction concert and event venue allows a person to be is remarkable. Although the summer hours create the heat to rise inside, and one can become hot and stuffy, the closeness to the stage and artist make it worthwhile in the end.

Another great event to attend at the “House of Blues” is the Gospel Brunch. A buffet-style food line is served and visitors are seated in a “family style” seating environment. The closeness sets the mood to experience Gospel Singers serenading you while you eat your brunch. A moving experience one will not soon forget. A must attend for anyone that loves Gospel music, and food of course.

Many people return year after year to attend concerts and eat a good meal at this Orlando attraction. The “House of Blues” concerts are like no other. The closeness of artist to fan is extraordinary for everyone in the audience. Sometimes, if the timing is right, many have been known to be able to meet and mingle with the favorite starts before and after the concert due to the quaintness it provides. Arrive early and see the stars!

Magic Kingdom, Where the Magic Began

Since Disney World consists of four fabulous, heart-pounding theme parks and two relax-in-the-sun water parks, Orlando attraction planning is a must. These parks are large and offer an overwhelming choice of shows and thrill rides. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Scheduling your park times and when to eat should be set up ahead of your visit, so you can be in the correct area when your favorite Disney character makes its appearance. You also do not want to be that family who spends the majority of their vacation by standing around trying to decide where things are and what to do next.

Disney World’s first, and most visited amusement park in the world, is Magic Kingdom. Not only was it based on Disneyland, but the name, Magic Kingdom, was the unofficial nickname of its predecessor. While visiting this worldwide known Orlando attraction, the dedication to its Disney characters is a glorious sight. From the characters that started magical dreams to the newest character in Disney movies, each have their home.

This popular Orlando attraction holds the key to everyone’s imagination. Adult guests will be brought back to their childhood memories; filling them with the make-believe mentality that can be lost in life. Visitors start to feel like they have been transported into a magical place; even before they walk through the entrance. Magic Kingdom is indeed magical.

Magic Kingdom Castle

Photo © Walt Disney World

There are different “lands,” based on assorted themes, that make this Orlando attraction perfect for the whole family. With all that Magic Kingdom is known for, the one recognized around the world is Cinderella’s Castle. Standing 190 feet tall, centered in the middle of the park, and viewable from the famous Main Street, USA, it’s the most sought after place to dine in the park, which is by reservations only. Walking up to the attraction, seeing this magical, iconic symbol will take your breath away.

Through Orlando attraction planning it will be obvious the magic comes from the many other places to visit in the kingdom. The shows, based on favorite Disney movies, are a joy for everyone. Check your park guide to schedule time to see them all.

Magic Kingdoms’ most famous “lands” include: Frontierland, Adventureland and Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the most popular for children. A majority of the beloved characters reside here.

Although Disney World has many magical places, Magic Kingdom is the Orlando attraction that started it all. Many people have not been, thinking they cannot afford it. There are discounts and specials during certain seasons. This magical place should be visited by everyone.

Universal Studios Florida – Where You Can “Ride the Movies”

Including Universal Studios Florida into your Orlando attractions planning is highly recommended. It is impossible for movie enthusiasts to vacation in this area without enjoying all Universal has to offer. The initial design for this Orlando theme park would combine an active studio set and theme park revolving around movies. This was the first time Universal Studios ever consider constructing an amusement park. Plans to make this happen went on hold for over four years.

This Orlando attraction, that we now enjoy, came into being after a meeting with director Steven Spielberg, also a co-founder of the theme park. This meeting prompted the movie simulation ride of Back to the Future along with King Kong. Although these rides have been replaced, the thrills and excitement have only gotten better. NOTE: Skull Island Reign of Kong will return in 2016.

The initial concept was founded on Universals’ Hollywood Studio tours, but took it a step further. These larger, stand-alone attractions allow visitors to experience their favorite Universal Studio movies; creating the experience of actually being in the movies. Today’s shows and rides at this Orlando attraction can actually allow you to “ride the movies.” Experience the ride with the actual stars of the movie being depicted in the attraction.

Harry Potter and the Escape from GringottsORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If your family is ready to actually be thrilled beyond imagination, it is a good idea to know where to find your favorite motion picture when entering the theme park. Secure a map ahead of time. You can also view the park’s map online the day before your visit to familiarize your family with the layout of the park.

If you have ever wanted to experience the heat of a fire-breathing dragon, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey can put you there, right near the flames. Another “adventure” ride, “The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man,” allows you to soar through the air with the help of high-tech 3-D glasses. You can experience all kinds of thrills with your favorite characters.

Theme Park Rides Include:

Thrill Rides

Rides for Kids

Thrilling rides are not the only attraction available inside this Orlando theme park. There are many fabulous shows to see. Cheer on the heroes and boo the villains as you experience the thrills of The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad® stunt show. Enjoy the raucous music and comedy of Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue™. Catch Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers®, performing their biggest hits. Go behind the scenes of movie-making in the hilarious Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show. And sing and clap along with everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur in A Day in the Park with Barney™.

Food, gift shops and kids play areas are also found inside this popular Orlando attraction. Do not miss Universal Studios Florida while vacationing in Florida. The heart-pounding, action-packed thrill rides will put you inside your favorite movies; an experience to last a life-time.

Sinbad Show at Universal