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Action Sports & Entertainment Resort Coming to Central Florida

Most visitors to Florida, especially in the Winter months, are trying to escape the snow, however, developers of a newly proposed Action Sports & Entertainment Resort wish to change that. Developers have unveiled a $309 million resort near the intersection of U.S. 192 and S.R. 535 that might include a 14-story ski and snowboard mountain. The 75-acre site being considered would also include many other action sports activities. Forget about the ride-oriented theme parks! This one is going to get you moving!

Xero Gravity Action Sports LLC plans to develop this large resort, however, they are still investigating the property. The location being considered is a previously wooded area just east of the Target store at 4795 West Irlo Bronson (U.S. 192). It is about four miles east of Celebration, near Disney World and other primary Orlando theme parks.

It is estimated that over one million guests would attend the resort each year, and they would employ 1,000 people. A study performed also projects approximately $1.97 billion taxable sales would be generated over a ten-year period. The developers are looking to Osceola County for incentives and financing.

Action Sports & Entertainment Resort

Proposed layout of a new Action Sports & Entertainment Resort coming to Central Florida in 2018.

Action Sports & Entertainment Resort

So what would an Action Sport Resort look like? Not only would it include the huge ski/snowboard mountain (with fake snow), it will also have nine snow tubing lanes. Another portion of the park would offer a 25,000 square foot indoor/outdoor skateboard park, a BMX sanctioned race track, a rock climbing course, zip line, water slides and more. For the Entertainment Resort side, plans are to offer sports shows and clinics, as well as daily competitions. That’s not all. Additional features of the Action Sports & Entertainment Resort include:

  • 250-room Hyatt branded hotel with roof top pool and bar
  • International Action Sports Hall of Fame
  • Two “skydiving pods”
  • 20,000 square foot indoor dodge-ball trampoline arena
  • Challenge course, rock climbing up to 140 feet and zip lining throughout the park
  • A “rapid river” and two 14-story waterslides by WhiteWater
  • 2,000 seat amphitheater
  • Swimming pools, cabanas, day spa
  • Restaurants

“We are developing a one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment resort which provides unique hands-on experiences. We will be hosting televised pro and amateur competitions, think X-games, with sports shows and clinics, and we will have daily competitions at all venues for visitors who like to compete.”
               -Larry Walshaw, CEO and founder of Xero Gravity

New Resort Details

The costs to participate and many other details will come at a later date as they are announced. Up until recently, the new project had been kept secret. It’s not a secret any longer! Now that the news is out, some people are skeptical that the new resort will ever be developed. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: A fairly large deposit ($50k) has already been made for the property with another due by April 20, 2015. Once that date arrives, we’ll have a better idea if snow skiing is coming to Florida. Stay tuned!

Don’t put away your snowboard just yet. On your next vacation to Central Florida, you may want to bring it with you! The first action theme park may open early 2018. So you have plenty of time to work on your landing switch. If you’re not comfortable on the slopes, don’t worry. There will be over 27 exciting adventurous activities for the entire family. I’m already looking forward to a vicious game of dodge-ball. Are you ready to play?

Orlando Vacations May Include Events at the Amway Center

Fans enjoy an Orlando Magic basketball game.

Any Orlando attraction planning, in which vacationers are fans to any the Orlando Magic games or concerts available there, should include the Amway Center.”

This Orlando attraction is a sports and entertainment venue. It is part of the Downtown Orlando Master plan 3 and located in downtown Orlando. The Master Plan 3 also includes improvements to the performing arts center and the Citrus Bowl.

Opening on October 1, 2010, it had been discussed ten years prior to approval in 2006. The newly technologically designed sports and entertainment venue became a consideration after its predecessor, the Amway Arena was built in haste in 1989. While quickly constructed, new technology quickly made it become the oldest arena in basketball leagues.

Amway billionaire presented the new Orlando attraction design to Orlando mayor who later approved its construction, design, and costs; which recently declared creditors could seek bankruptcy relief in a few years in way of repossession if relief was not made soon, which also states would not disrupt any “Magic’s” venue rights.

With all history aside, what are some experiences to expect while visiting this fabulously new Orlando attraction? It is home to all the Orlando Magic games for the NBA, the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL, and the Orlando Predators of the AFL. As of November 12, 2012, the Amway Center was granted access to host second and third round games of the NCAA Division/Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2014. New announcement on January 14, 2013 include the Board of Directors voting to award Arena Bowl XXVI to Orlando in the summer of 2013, per a Wikipedia site.

Games are not the only thing bringing people to this Orlando attraction. Concerts of all music variations are held in this arena also. RUSH, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and KISS are some of the recent upcoming concerts to be held in this spectacular arena. Conducting a search online for your favorite artist will tell you if you can look forward to seeing them at the Amway Center soon, or even later.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: When purchasing concert tickets, be sure to check out the seating maps/charts. Most concerts base their ticket price on the best seats. Sometimes, the upper levels just to the edge of the stage are less expensive, yet your view is still pretty good. However, if it is one of your all-time favorite artists, spring for the best seats in the house and have a memory of a lifetime at a concert in a great venue.

What makes this Orlando attraction sports and entertainment center different from so many others is what indemnities it offers its visitors. Aside from it being over 500,000 square feet larger than its predecessor; therefore, allowing more spectators to view games and concerts, it also provides several different restaurants and bars throughout the arena.

One restaurant, Jernigan’s, is an exclusive Club level restaurant. Reservations need to be made and are limited to ticketed guests only. Being able to eat exquisite food while having an astounding view which overlooks the arena bowl during Orlando Magic games is to die for. Dining is also available before many other events and concerts.

Other restaurants and bars are located throughout. ATM’s, phone charging docks, and a child play area are also located inside. This Orlando attraction is the fantasy of other venues of its kind. The Amway Center has paved the way to experience games, concerts, and events, while offering technological conveniences everyone wishes they had at one time or another, for other places to follow.