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Titanic: A Memorable Experience, In Deed

Titanic: The Experience attraction in Orlando

Titanic: The Experience should be at the top of everyone’s Orlando attraction planning. This attraction is located on International Drive, near the many popular theme parks and water parks tourists flock to visit. The fascinating difference, while nestled between an Indian Restaurant and a Chinese Buffet, is that it really isn’t in the “attraction” category.

This amazing Orlando attraction actually allows guests to become part of the one-hundred year old history. The artifacts on display in this museum are from the actual ship that sank; recovery of said artifacts became available with new technology.

Although the Orlando attraction Titanic: The Experience is a museum, it is surprising to have a “tour guide” meet you at the front entrance. Even though you would not think so, this creates a memorable visit for everyone.

The tour guides are former “passengers” on the Titanic. Starting from the history of building the magnificent ship to its final resting place at the bottom of the ocean, the guide explains the museum artifacts as they had actually lived them. The uniqueness of having a new tour guide with each visit adds to the thrill; seeing a new version of how they “lived” through the sinking and each artifact through their words.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Do not fret if you miss exploring artifacts at length. At the end of each guided tour guests are left to slowly go back through the museum and take their time learning about each item on display at their own pace.

The tour of this Orlando attraction starts by a recreation of one of the Titanic’s giant propellers. Being able to stand beside one of the massive propellers will give you a sense of how enormous the ship actually was.

The guide will lead you on a journey, making you feel like you are actually there. Stopping to see the radio room, where operators tried to call for help, can bring a feeling of sadness over you. To know the earlier rudeness by operators, to nearby ships, caused their cries for help to fall upon deaf ears. So many lives could have been saved if not for that, and other fateful events.

This Orlando attraction takes you into the bridge where they turned the massive wheel to try to steer clear of the iceberg. Being taken past the Grand Staircase will take your breath away. A memorable artifact to behold is a full bottle of champagne with the cork still in place. This was taken from the wreckage along with other items pertaining to the surroundings.

An iceberg, claiming to be the exact temperature of the air that night, is on display at this Orlando attraction; allowing people to feel how cold it was. The water temperature was far colder, no doubt. Some claim to not be able to touch the ice for more than ten seconds much less for hours.

When visiting all the fun Orlando attractions, Titanic: The Experience, should be visited. To be taken back in time on that enormous ship is memorable, in deed.


Fun Spot America: The Fun “Spots” Here

Be sure to include Fun Spot America while creating your itinerary for your Orlando attraction vacation. This attraction, which is located near Universal Studios Orlando on International Drive, is the perfect getaway from the major theme parks. This amusement park should be experienced by everyone.

Fun Spot America in Orlando, Florida

For over sixteen years, Fun Spot America Orlando amusement park has provided a different fun for Florida vacationers. Due to its popularity, a sister site in Kissimmee, “Fun Spot USA,” was opened. The rides and fun at this amusement park have the potential of creating additional openings in other Florida cities, maybe other states, so keep an eye out for one near you.

Go-Karts Set Fun Spot America Apart

What makes this amusement park so different from the theme parks is the founding, and creation, of it revolves around Go-Karts. Yes, that is correct. Go-Karts, thrill rides and arcade games put the “fun” in “Fun Spot.”

This is heaven for the Go-Kart enthusiast! What is spectacular is they not only have the four multi-level tracks, but they also have tracks available for kids in the “Kid Spot” of the amusement park. Smaller tracks of Go-Karts as well as smaller amusement thrill rides are available here.

Some of the excitement available at “Fun Spot America Orlando” is: Four Multi-Level Tracks, yes, that is FOUR multi-level Go-Kart Tracks, thirteen exciting thrill rides, eight pre-school kids’ rides, and 120 arcade games to choose from. Some of the tracks might seem intimidating. One track takes many twists and turns while the track becomes elevated in some areas.

This Orlando attraction offers rides and games for the entire family. Age is not a consideration for visiting this park, besides knowing which ride to put the kiddies on. Yes, that is basically like the major theme parks but, without the crowding, it is much easier for parents to watch their children while having fun themselves.

For larger kids and adults, Bumper Boats, the Ferris Wheel, Bumper Kars, the famous Scrambler, and the Paratrooper are available. The Paratrooper is a different take-off of the Ferris wheel. Be sure to also experience the newer SkyCoaster ride.

Arcade Fun

A break from the Go-Karts and thrill rides is provided inside a 10,000 foot “winners circle” arcade containing 120 different fun-filled arcade games. There is a game for every member of the family to partake in at Fun Spot America.

This Orlando attraction provides the Go-Kart tracks that any surrounding major theme park cannot offer. These multi-level tracks will keep you going all day, while dividing your time up riding the thrill rides available. An experience that can only be seen by doing.

Make this Orlando attraction part of your vacation. Have the same amount of fun while taking a break from the large theme and water parks. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Fun Spot America Orlando offers the choice for visitors to pay per ride or to purchase an all-day pass. This choice is not an option at other parks. So, when you’re ready to take a break, come to the “Fun Spot America Orlando” and relax in the fun.


Zipping over the crocs!

Hold on to your shoes!  Don’t dangle your feet!  Soon, you will be able to get your thrills by zipping over jumping crocodiles and alligators at the unique Gatorland attraction in Orlando.  Known as the alligator capital of the world, Gatorland is home to thousands of gators, including the rare Albino gator.   Plans for the new Screamin’ Gator Zip Line have made a few jaws drop when they mentioned they would be zipping directly over the alligator breeding marsh, jumping crocs, and through the parks’ bird rookery.  The zip line tower tops out at 75 feet high, and park officials are excited that this new addition will allow people to really see some diverse animal habitats.  (That is if you can keep your eyes open!)

This 110-acre theme park and conservatory has been here since 1949 and is also home to many birds, bears, crocodiles and more!  Some of the exciting attractions here are the live shows such as the Gator Jumparoo and live Gator Wrestling.  Park admission is not expected to change, but there will be an additional cost for the zip line experience.  The Screamin’ Gator Zip Line should be open by June.  Happy zipping!

New Health exhibit at the Orlando Science Center

Among the many great and educational exhibits at the Orlando Science Center is the new “Your Healer Within”. This travelling exhibit explores concepts such as the power to heal ourselves. It features 34 interactive components that focus on how we can take care of our bodies to prevent detrimental environmental factors from affecting our health. Guests are invited to take a virtual reality tour through the immune system, watch how moods impact the human body and affect the nervous system, experience firsthand the body’s remarkable self-repair system at work. Among its features are a skateboard that shows how outside factors can alter balance, and a skin display of issues associated with piercing and tattooing. There’s also a ‘virtual pond’ that creates the spiritual healing of nature by plashing water and chasing fish by hand, without getting wet. “Healer” is here for a limited time only, through May 15th, and is included with general admission.

The Orlando Science Center has spent over 50 years creating fun, interactive, educational activities the whole family can enjoy. The Science Center features four floors of exciting exhibits, along with giant screen movies and live programming. The exhibits include Science On a Sphere, Kids Town, Dr. Dare’s Lab, Nature Works, the new Frogs exhibit, and many more!

Next year, they will showcase a new exhibit “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination”. This will be a 10,000 square-foot collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. It will study the fantasy technologies of the “Star Wars” films and the actual science behind them, along with costumes and props from all six movies. Visitors will be able to enjoy Engineering Design Labs where they can build their own robots and speeders. Coming to Orlando in late 2012. Check our website for updates.