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4 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Orlando

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Avoid these 4 mistakes people make when visiting Orlando!

Orlando is one of the most amazing vacation destinations will you can choose. Specially if you have kids. It’s a dreamland of parks and adventures for kids and adults. But a lot of people don’t take full advantage of everything that this amazing trip has to offer. We hope that you have a great time in Orlando, so we have decided to point out the 4 most common mistakes people make when visiting Orlando.

1. Not planning

As silly as that may sound planning is everything when going to a city full of attractions like Orlando. People go to the theme parks and have idea where to begin or how to best use their time. They don’t know which rides are the best, the busiest, etc. It could take a lot of time to learn the maps, decide where to go and in what order. By not planning a lot of people end up not visiting as many attractions as they could and spend a lot of time waiting in line.

out of bed early - not making mistakes people make visiting Orlando

Despite how nice your accommodations are, skip sleeping in during your Orlando vacation!

2. Sleeping in

Who doesn’t like to sleep in? Specially when you go on vacation and want to relax in those beautiful vacation homes. But in a city like Orlando, if you want to take full advantage of your time here, you need to get to the parks early. Most of the parks open at 9am so if you plan on getting to the parks after 11am, you will find the best attractions/rides with lines over 1 hour of waiting time. But if you get there early, you get to go to those rides with shorter lines. Unless you are planning on going to the same park for two days. In that case you can go early one day to avoid lines, and later the other day to stay for the evening shows.

3. Going to big parks in a row

Many parks in Orlando are big and you need to spend all day there, specially if you want to watch the last shows. Going to those parks one after the other makes the trip extremely tiring. Ideally you want to alternate parks that take all day to visit (like Magic Kingdom or Epcot) with other parks that are not as big and will not take all day (like Animal Kingdom or Sea World). If you are planning a long trip, it’s always a good idea to leave some days for rest (pool, beach) or even going to an attraction that you didn’t know about.

4. Not using FastPass

A lot of people don’t think they really need to get a FastPass, or that they can get it on the same day as they go to the parks, but that’s a big mistake. They have a limited number of FastPasses that they sell for each attraction so it’s very likely that on the day you go they might be sold out for the best rides/attractions. And depending on the time of the year, you might have to wait in line for over 2 hours.

The FastPass is a free service that lets you reserve access to select attractions, entertainment and more. With the purchase of a ticket you can start making selections as early as 30 or up to 60 days before you arrive.

Cross #1 above off your list! Browse Orlando Tourist Tips web site and read up on all of the theme parks and attractions. Then start planning how you will spend your vacation in one of the top vacation destinations in the world! Avoid these mistakes people make when visiting Orlando.

5 Helpful Tips for an Amazing Beach Trip

Beach Fun Tips

There are many amazing beaches in Florida, so helpful tips for an amazing beach trip are necessary, especially if you are visiting from out of the area. What makes an amazing beach getaway? A perfect beach destination, tons of exciting sea and water activities, fantastic food and accommodations, a smooth itinerary – the list goes on.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family or friends, you want to make your dream beach trip a reality. Here are a few practical tips on how to make it as fun and memorable as possible:

1. Prepare your mind, body, and a handy checklist of things to pack.

  • A well-rested body relies on a calm mind.
  • Worries and doubts cloud our head (at the last minute) when we fail to put our plan on paper.
  • Having a beach packing list ensures that we remember all must-have items for a smooth-sailing trip.
  • An example beach packing list includes: beach essentials such as water-proof bag, sunscreen, lip balm, disposable wipes, mermaid fin (to add some fun); clothes like underwear, socks, undershirts, bras, t-shirts, and sleepwear; toiletries; and other travel essentials.

2. Never skip research when choosing a beach vacation spot.

  • Loads of beach getaways are on offer by many travel agencies and websites.
  • Their itineraries are also crafted by well-experienced guides. But these should not stop you from doing your own research. Why?
    • Your needs are unique.
    • This is why no two reviews of a beach destination are alike.
    • Hence, you should come up with at least five things you expect to get from a beach holiday deal.
    • Maybe you want to factor in ‘affordability’, ‘ease of access’, ‘attractions and activities’, “quality of service” or ‘family-friendliness’.
    • Make a choice based on the non-negotiable items/factors in your list of standards.

3. Early reservations make a huge difference every time.

  • Booking your hotel accommodation, flight or rides early will save you from stress and overspending.
  • This golden rule is sadly broken when our busy work gets in the way.
  • But think about it, you will enjoy your beach trip more if you are less anxious about money or room and transport availability.
  • If you are not able to secure early bookings or special deals for your trip, check if you can adjust your vacation dates.
  • You can get better rates if you schedule your trip at the beginning or end of summer.
  • Or you can take two days off during the middle of the week.
  • Considering this, your best option seems to be to reserve early on.

4. Set a budget for souvenir shopping.

  • Even kids want to get a memorabilia from a fun beach destination.
  • Photographs are a given.
  • But charming personalized souvenirs, who can resist them?
  • Even seasoned travelers suffer from buyer’s remorse when they do not adopt a sound approach to souvenir shopping.
  • Go online and check out the typical price range for souvenirs – then allot a budget you would stick to.

5. Check out nearby must-visit attractions.

  • Some family-friendly beaches offer more than the sparkling shore, the scorching sun, and snorkeling opportunities.
  • Others have famous theme parks, ocean parks, or botanical gardens nearby.
  • If you didn’t skip tip #2, by now you would have figured out which nearby sites are worth checking out.
  • Set some budget for transport service and entrance fees for these splendid side trips.

Did you find these tips helpful? Then, share them with every beach-lover you know. Welcome to Florida and have an amazing beach trip!

Written by guest author: Anna Hale

New Year’s Eve at Orlando Theme Parks

New Years Eve at Disney World

It’s time to make your New Year’s Eve plans! Whether you live here or are just visiting the Orlando area and want to celebrate, there are many places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. If you’ve set your mind to bring in the new year at an Orlando theme park, here are some Orlando Tourist Tips to consider when visiting a theme park on New Year’s Eve:

1) Arrive early in the morning at the park of your choice and be prepared to spend your entire day there. Theme parks often reach capacity, and when they do, no further admittance is allowed. Park hopping (Disney) on New Year’s Eve is not recommended.

2) Guests staying in a Disney Resort are only guaranteed admittance into a (one) park. It may not be the park of your choice, so choose the one park you want to visit. The “Magic Hour” can help gain entrance into other parks. These hours vary and can be in the morning or at night (as in 2 a.m. night), so be sure to do your research.

3) Having a dining reservation does not mean that you will be allowed in if that park has already reached capacity. Make it easy and stay in one park and make reservations to dine there as well. Early reservations to dine on New Year’s Eve are easier to get.

4) Rent a locker upon arrival. These too will go fast. Should the weather be an issue, you can stow your warm clothes or rain gear. Temperatures vary this time of year. Dress in layers.

5) Fastpasses will run out quickly, so if there’s an attraction on your “must-do” list, get yours as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon to see waits of 2+ hours at the most popular attractions.

6) Dance parties, special concerts and firework shows are sure to be a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration. The parks will have live entertainment throughout the day/evening in addition to special midnight fireworks. Be sure to grab a guide or schedule upon entering the park.

7) Special events are not necessarily included with a theme park ticket. Just because you have a ticket to a theme park and a special concert is being performed within the park, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a ticket to the concert. Special events are often held within theme parks and require a separate ticket. For example,“EVE” at Universal’s City Walk is a completely separate ticket event.

New Year’s Eve at an Orlando theme park is very fun. If you are okay with crowds and an all-day schedule, this is a great choice. Being prepared for the day will make it that much more enjoyable. Happy New Year everyone!

How to Find the Best Cruise and the Best Deal

Cruise Ship

A cruise is not just a cruise – there are different types of cruises and finding the right one for you would matter especially if you want to enjoy your time. If you come with your family, then there are some cruises that would fit for a family. It pays to be fussy when choosing the type of cruise that suites you and your family.  Below are the tips to help you pick the type of cruise you want and where to find the best deal.

Picking your cruise destination

This is something that everyone should consider. If you are looking for certain destinations, you can choose from several offers. All you need is to do your research first. There are cruises that go to the Caribbean, Alaska, Asia, or in Europe through the European Rivers. If you prefer a cruise that travels from continents, then there is the transatlantic cruise. Other types of cruises are the expedition cruise and the tall ships cruise. Take your pick – decide where you and your family want to go.

Shore excursions

To help you further with your decision on choosing the right type of cruise, you need to think about the type of activities these cruises offer. Each cruise has their activities that they can offer for the adventurous, the shoppers or for the ones that enjoys food tripping, and the arts & culture buffs. There are so many activities these cruises can even offer a party cruise. Take your pick which ones would suit you and your family’s taste.

The Ship

For over a decade, cruise ships have evolved. Most of these mega ships are engineered to offer a whole bunch of entertainment for the people. When you are cruising, there’s the whole deal of choices. It sort of represents a floating city, with some bringing in a more intimate appeal than others.

For those who have disabled loved ones that want to go cruising, there are cruise ships that have facilities for the disabled people. There are old ships offering river cruising – check to see if they have a lift. Most do not have a lift – so passengers are made to access the upper and lower decks by stairs. Make sure you check before you decide to book your cruise in these types of cruises.

Consider your cruising budget

Another factor that would affect your decision in picking which cruise to take is the budget. To get them cheaper, there are ways to get discounts for your cruising vacation. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Here are ways to get a cheaper deal and get the most out of your cruise adventure:

  • Early bookings might be possible to even upgrade to a cabin of your choice with no extra cost.
  • Offer loyalty programs – repeat cruisers get discounts.
  • Last minute cruise deals – a lot of times, they offer a huge discount for those that book at the last minute. This might work to some travelers, but to those who can only afford a certain time to go cruising, and then this is risky.

It is advisable before anything else, to do your research first and find out of the best deals being offered online or from the cruise liners. Also applicable if you are trying to figure out the type of cruise and the destination you want to go.

This is a guest post by author, Anna Hale.

Enjoy a January Getaway in Orlando

When asked when is the best time to visit Orlando, most people would say June or July; the sun is shining, the kids are on vacation from school and it’s the time of year when everyone is visiting the many theme parks which Orlando has to offer. You might therefore discard January as a month to spend recovering from December, the busy month of family-visits, present-buying and Christmas celebrations. In that case, it’s time to reconsider. Orlando has a lot going on this January and is the ideal location to kick back and relax at the beginning of a new year.

Prepare for a magical visit to Orlando this January

Christmas has just come and gone for another year, and over the past month families have flooded to Universal Studios in Orlando  – just one of the many theme parks which Orlando has to offer. Whilst you may be inclined to think that you just missed the perfect opportunity to enjoy this particular Orlando resort with your family, you can think again. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a special resort designed to give you and your wizard-loving family the real Harry Potter experience, will be opening yet another extension later this year. In anticipation, they have planned a weekend long extravaganza to celebrate from the 24th to 26th January.

Harry Potter Celebration

The Celebration of Harry Potter promises three days of unforgettable fun for all fans of the Harry Potter films, young and old. As well as appearances from various cast members from the films, including two of the Weasley brothers, there will be a wand master class and numerous interactive activities for children and adults alike. Ticket details can be found on the Universal Orlando website, along with special discounts for US and Canadian residents, such as enjoying your third day free when you purchase a two day ticket. Offers such as this make visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that little bit more tempting, and a great adventure for you and your family this January.

Why else to visit Orlando this January

In addition to the Celebration of Harry Potter, there are many other reasons to visit Orlando in January. This time of the year is particularly regarded as one of the best times to visit the theme parks in the Orlando area, due to smaller crowds, cooler weather and less humid air. As well as this, there is much less chance of having to seek shelter from the thunderstorms which are most prevalent in the Summer months.

Whilst January will be a nice opportunity to explore the Universal resorts more freely without so many crowds, it also offers adults a chance to discover what Orlando has to offer them. For the golfers, Orlando is home to an endless range of clubs, so you can kick back on the green after a day spent with the kids at the Universal resort. The area’s famed choice of eateries is also worth consideration, and its restaurants provide a little escape in the evenings, so that you aren’t restricted to eating in the theme parks for the entirety of your stay.

Another fantastic opportunity for the parents this January is found in the spas which Orlando has to offer. If you are planning to spend a few days at Universal Studios, it might be a good idea to escape the busyness of the theme park environment with a day at the spa. Orlando has a number of world-class spas which are perfect for a little get away.

Where to Stay

As well as traveling to golf clubs, restaurants and spas for the sake of relaxation, you can also relax just as easily in your accommodation – if you choose well. If you’re not a resident of Orlando, or you need somewhere to stay that is closer to this Orlando resort, there is a huge variety of accommodations in the area.

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: One suggestion which might not be considered as often as the likes of hotels and self-catered apartments, would be timeshare properties. These make for an ideal place to enjoy the Florida sunshine in luxurious surroundings, and many offer swimming pools – which make for happy kids and stress-free parents! Timeshare vacations are becoming increasingly popular due to several factors. As well as typically including onsite amenities such as a swimming pool or tennis court, many people find that they save money by choosing to opt for a timeshare rather than staying in a hotel, for example. While owning a vacation home may seem appealing, the alternative of a timeshare removes the year-round responsibility. There is a great range of timeshares offered online, where houses close to such resorts as Universal Studios are readily available. Such locations as the Westgate Lake area contain numerous timeshare properties, and are ideal in this case due to their proximity of six minutes to the Orlando Universal resort.

Enjoy your January Getaway

Seeing as there is plenty going on in Orlando at this time of the year, January is the perfect month to plan your visit. With the Celebration of Harry Potter, your kids will enjoy the magical world of their favorite wizard, while you can easily plan time to relax in the wealth of spa and golf resorts found across Orlando. Now, all that is left to do is book your trip and enjoy your escape!

Article written for Orlando Tourist Tips by Zara Porter, January 2014.