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Spotlight: Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park is the park that put Orlando on the map, and it remains one of Orlando’s most popular attractions to date. This park is full of family friendly attractions: Whether your group has pirate or princess lovers (or both!), Magic Kingdom will be entertaining for everyone. Cinderella’s Castle is the centerpiece of the park, breaking up the six sections of the park and visible from every one of them. The area surrounding the castle is a hub for an array of performances, and shows, ranging from Wishes; the park’s nightly firework show, special character performances at special holiday events, and Celebrate the Magic; a show where the castle becomes a canvas that showcases many magic moments Disney had brought to us over the years.

The six “lands” that make up Magic Kingdom are Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and Adventureland.

Main Street USA is the first area seen upon entering Magic Kingdom. It is full of shops, restaurants, and other fun experiences, including the Harmony Barber Shop and the Town Square Theater, where guests can meet Tinker Bell and talking Mickey! ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Talking Mickey has several fun tricks up his sleeve and also speaks several languages, which makes a visit with him a great option for families visiting from all over the world!

Tomorrowland features popular attractions such as The PeopleMover (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) and Space Mountain, one of the more thrilling e-ticket attractions in the park. It takes riders on a journey through space and features rocket-shaped vehicles that launch from two different tracks. ORLANDO TOURIST TRIP: If you and your family are fond of thrill rides, consider choosing this for one of your fast passes. The line can get long! Other attractions in this section of the park include Stitch’s Great Escape! and The Laugh Floor, a kid friendly improv hosted by everybody’s favorite monsters from the films Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

Fantasyland is home to rides like Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Peter Pan’s Flight recent got an updated queue, offering visitors a glimpse into the Darling children’s nursery and the opportunity to interact with Tinker Bell and some pixie dust! One of Magic Kingdom’s newest additions is also in this land, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Read more about it on this post. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you are staying at a resort for your Disney experience, take advantage of the early fast pass access and get a pass for Mine Train! The wait for this attraction has been known to run well over an hour during peak visiting hours, and fast passes for it are hard to come by!

Reminiscent of the late 1800’s American Wild West, Frontierland’s most popular attractions are Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain’s line is typically longest during the hottest hours of the day, so if you’re looking for a shorter line and willing to get wet, consider visiting this attraction early in the morning or in the evening. Or, feel free to take advantage of those trademark Disney ponchos, often a staple purchase thanks to Orlando’s on-and-off rainy weather!

Liberty Square’s most popular attraction is The Haunted Mansion; it’s so popular with guests that Disney opened up the Momento Mori, a shop that has a ton of fun souvenirs based on the fan-favorite ride. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Your ghost host on the haunted mansion is friendly, and so are his 999 ghostly friends! There is also no gore on this attraction. Every child is different, but some kids as young as four years old have ridden and enjoyed this attraction!

Adventureland has a wide range of attractions. There is The Swiss Family Treehouse, a fun walkthrough for all ages, and, the ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which takes you back in time and into the world of Jack Sparrow, with a few familiar faces from the movies featured throughout. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: On this slow moving boat ride, guests often exit with only a few drops of water on them, but the front row occasionally finds themselves being hit by a few extra splashes. This section of the park, themed to resemble jungles from around the world, is certainly full of adventure for all!

Throughout the park, there’s a wide range of experiences available to guests, from rides, character meet-and- greets, shopping, dining, and more! One of the more popular dining options is Cinderella’s Royal Table, a dining experience that takes place right inside Cinderella’s castle and includes great food and a meet and greet with some of your favorite princesses! If your group needs a break from rides, enjoy one of the shows or popular parades running throughout the day! Magic Kingdom also has After Magic Hours (typically open to resort guests) and have recently made available early magic hours, where guests have special access to some parts of the park from 7:45 AM to 10:00 AM, as well as a unique breakfast experience available at the Pinocchio Village Haus. Tickets for Early Morning Magic are available for purchase now, and selling fast! Note: Regular theme park admission is required, in addition to a ticket for this special event. Get your tickets here! ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Consider buying a park hopper ticket to visit all 4 Disney parks, relax and have a great time!

For more information about Disney’s Magic Kingdom, visit their web site, or type in ‘Magic Kingdom’ in our search (top right) to read more articles about this Orlando theme park. Feel free to leave a response below about your visit to the Magic Kingdom and share your tips and experience!

Spotlight: Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World drastically changed Orlando forever. The great Walt Disney was the visionary that made it happen, what a shame he didn’t live long enough to see his dream. The second park at Walt Disney World EPCOT was in the early planning when he died. Although it didn’t match his exact early ideas the basic principal and many aspects of the park were his.

In recent years and always moving forward the imagineers at Disney have been continuously working to make the Magic Kingdom the Grand Dame of Orlando theme parks as relevant and enjoyable as when it first opened. Countless older attractions at the park have been updated with the newest technology and innovation meeting the desires of the ever more tech savvy kids of today.

Another nice thing about the Magic Kingdom is that it offers something for everyone. So if you have teens and younger children you can let the teens go do their own thing for a while, if you are comfortable with this. The Magic Kingdom has always provided a safe enviorment. Your kids are more likely to get hurt on a ride (that rarely happens) then be the object of foul play.

The Magic Kingdom holds the throne for the most visitors annually in the United States and has done so for many, many years. So if you go, here are some tips for maximizing your visit. Orlando Tourist Tip: If you go to the park in the morning be sure and use the monorail for the fastest access from the ticketing to the park. Depending upon what time you leave the park and how large the crowds are leaving at the same time you might want to take the ferry from the park to ticketing center and parking.  It can be faster if crowds are heavy as the monorails will be jammed after fireworks. It’s also a nice way to end your day riding a period reproduction of a very large ferry boat on a gorgeous lake. Even if it’s not busy when you are leaving; it’s a relaxing way to end your day at the parks.