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5 Helpful Tips for an Amazing Beach Trip

Beach Fun Tips

There are many amazing beaches in Florida, so helpful tips for an amazing beach trip are necessary, especially if you are visiting from out of the area. What makes an amazing beach getaway? A perfect beach destination, tons of exciting sea and water activities, fantastic food and accommodations, a smooth itinerary – the list goes on.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family or friends, you want to make your dream beach trip a reality. Here are a few practical tips on how to make it as fun and memorable as possible:

1. Prepare your mind, body, and a handy checklist of things to pack.

  • A well-rested body relies on a calm mind.
  • Worries and doubts cloud our head (at the last minute) when we fail to put our plan on paper.
  • Having a beach packing list ensures that we remember all must-have items for a smooth-sailing trip.
  • An example beach packing list includes: beach essentials such as water-proof bag, sunscreen, lip balm, disposable wipes, mermaid fin (to add some fun); clothes like underwear, socks, undershirts, bras, t-shirts, and sleepwear; toiletries; and other travel essentials.

2. Never skip research when choosing a beach vacation spot.

  • Loads of beach getaways are on offer by many travel agencies and websites.
  • Their itineraries are also crafted by well-experienced guides. But these should not stop you from doing your own research. Why?
    • Your needs are unique.
    • This is why no two reviews of a beach destination are alike.
    • Hence, you should come up with at least five things you expect to get from a beach holiday deal.
    • Maybe you want to factor in ‘affordability’, ‘ease of access’, ‘attractions and activities’, “quality of service” or ‘family-friendliness’.
    • Make a choice based on the non-negotiable items/factors in your list of standards.

3. Early reservations make a huge difference every time.

  • Booking your hotel accommodation, flight or rides early will save you from stress and overspending.
  • This golden rule is sadly broken when our busy work gets in the way.
  • But think about it, you will enjoy your beach trip more if you are less anxious about money or room and transport availability.
  • If you are not able to secure early bookings or special deals for your trip, check if you can adjust your vacation dates.
  • You can get better rates if you schedule your trip at the beginning or end of summer.
  • Or you can take two days off during the middle of the week.
  • Considering this, your best option seems to be to reserve early on.

4. Set a budget for souvenir shopping.

  • Even kids want to get a memorabilia from a fun beach destination.
  • Photographs are a given.
  • But charming personalized souvenirs, who can resist them?
  • Even seasoned travelers suffer from buyer’s remorse when they do not adopt a sound approach to souvenir shopping.
  • Go online and check out the typical price range for souvenirs – then allot a budget you would stick to.

5. Check out nearby must-visit attractions.

  • Some family-friendly beaches offer more than the sparkling shore, the scorching sun, and snorkeling opportunities.
  • Others have famous theme parks, ocean parks, or botanical gardens nearby.
  • If you didn’t skip tip #2, by now you would have figured out which nearby sites are worth checking out.
  • Set some budget for transport service and entrance fees for these splendid side trips.

Did you find these tips helpful? Then, share them with every beach-lover you know. Welcome to Florida and have an amazing beach trip!

Written by guest author: Anna Hale

Mardi Gras Beach Style

Mardi Gras maskFat Tuesday offers celebrations all over Central Florida and can be a fun time to get out with friends on a week night. Many vacationers and locals will flock to the normal venues of Universal, SeaWorld, Downtown Orlando and Disney, but this Tuesday, I’ll be in the quaint town of New Smyrna Beach (NSB) for their Mardi Gras parade and street celebration.

It’s not the big fanfare you expect from the ‘big boys’ in the region, but a small-town parade is often what many vacationers would treasure should they happen to stumble upon it. NSB’s parade is all of about 7 blocks long down beach side’s Flagler Avenue. The parade which starts at 7:00 p.m. will consist of a string of residents on floats, golf carts, antique cars, Segways and on foot; throwing out candy, beads and showing off some crazy outfits. Since Mardi Gras also happens to fall during Race Week, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses will be making an appearance in this years’ parade.

The fact that many don’t think of New Smyrna Beach to celebrate Mardi Gras is exactly why you’ll be glad you did. It’s not overly crowded, it’s fun, it’s real, it’s inexpensive, small-town America. People are friendly and downright neighborly. There many wonderful restaurants to dine at before the parade, plenty of bars to party at after the parade, and hotels and B&B’s to stay at overnight.  ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: Come early and expect to walk a few blocks due to the lack of parking. The shops are wonderful and easy to spend a few hours browsing while waiting on the parade. Do not miss Dolly’s Gift Shop at 405 Flagler Ave. I could spend an hour in that shop easily.

Spend this Tuesday in NSB and be sure to catch some beads and a piece of small town charm. Wednesday will be here soon enough and you can go back to the crowds, standing in line and fighting the traffic.

New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest

Hot Air Balloon at the NSB Balloon & Sky FestThe weather should be all clear this weekend for the 3rd annual New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest, presented by Bright House Networks.  If you’ve ever wanted to go up in a hot-air balloon, here’s your chance!  The festival will run Friday, April 8th thru Sunday, the 10th at the New Smyrna Beach Airport.  If a hot-air balloon ride isn’t your thing, there are tethered hot-air balloon rides, as well as helicopter and airplane rides.  Or, you can just watch the beautiful balloons and other festivities.  There will be plenty of activities including live entertainment, radio controlled airplane performances, Pilots ‘n Paws fly-in dog rescue, American Martial Arts demonstration, the “Stirrup Some Dust” horse demonstration drill team, the popular BALLOON GLOW, a Kids Fun Zone, an air show and more! And, there will be over 100 vendors for your shopping pleasure.

The Kids Fun Zone features many free things such as slides and bounce houses, and a few items offered for a small fee such as pony rides and bungee-jumpingEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University will be presenting an Education Zone where there will be some exhibits from NASA and the National Air & Space Museum, a Sonar game run, Robotics demonstrations, a Jet-powered dragster car, helicopter and airplane displays, and much more.  The air show will feature a parachute and flag jump, a T-6 solo by the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, P-51 Mustang Aerobatics, and more.  There will also be an informational Q&A session regarding Aeronautical-based careers.

Visit the website for additional information and schedule of events so you can plan your weekend accordingly.  This event has FREE admission; however, there is a $5 charge for parking, and fees for some of the rides.  Make sure to bring a blanket and/or lawn chair, and plenty of sunscreen.

Orlando Tourist Tip: Since the hot-air balloon rides are dependent on the weather, the morning sunrise flights ($199 per person) are your best bet.  It sells out quickly so make your reservation ASAP at 386-424-2199.